Your Reading Life

A Tour Through London’s Literary History

On a recent holiday in the U.K., Read it Forward's editor found a bibliophile's dream vacation.

Your Reading Life

Our Dream Collection of Literary Shirts

We believe in celebrating our love of books in a sartorial way.

By • 2 years ago

Books for Sassy, Smart, Impulsive Women (Like Me)

Curated by Lily Wilder, heroine of I Take You by Eliza Kennedy.

By Eliza Kennedy • 2 years ago
Your Reading Life

Reading Against the Tide

Have you ever been disappointed or embarrassed that you didn't like a book that everyone else did? Or have there been books that you adored but others didn't?

By • 2 years ago

Conversation with Chris Beckett, author of Mother of Eden

Chris Beckett, author of Dark Eden and Mother of Eden, debunks stereotypes about literary fiction and science fiction.

By • 2 years ago

The Need to Read

Your Reading Life

7 Books That Will Make You Appreciate Your Mom

Do you have a favorite 'mom book'? Tell us in the comments!

By • 2 years ago
Your Reading Life

How to Read It Forward Across Generations

The “first impression” my boyfriend's dad had of me was The Sparrow's very dark, graphic, anti-faith ending.

By • 2 years ago
Author Essay

Why I Love Bookstores (It’s Not What You Think)

Bookstores. One of my favorite places. Right up there with bars, restaurants, nightclubs, the gym, the doctor’s office, dry cleaners, and the DMV.

By • 2 years ago
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