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Kira Walton’s Read It Forward Moment: Roland Merullo’s A Little Love Story

Read It Forward is all about that magical moment when you’re able to connect with another person about a book that you loved, when you can pass it on, when you can – not to get too sentimental – read it forward. We’d like to invite you to send us a video about your Read It Forward Moment, a time when you read a terrific book and then shared that terrific book with someone – a friend, your sister, your book club, the guy who stocks the vending machines at your gym, a fellow RIFer, or even a total stranger. Or when one of those people shared their book with you.

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Good Books I Should Have Read Already

I am, apparently, behind on the times. Slow on the uptake. Riding the short bus (I’m slow, too, in coming to this expression. I only learned what it meant last year). I’ve got a list of fantastic books that I’ve been reading lately, all of which I want to tell you about; all of which you’ve already heard of.

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Howard Blum on What Makes a Good Character

I wanted to write a story about the intrepid men who traveled from the newly civilized West to a place that remained excitingly dangerous, a fierce and lawless land. I wanted to write about heroes, villains, and dreamers who joined the great stampede to the frozen north. And, oh yeah, as I said, if all that wasn’t challenge enough, I wanted to write a true story, to boot.

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Why I Miss the NYC Subway

“I recently moved from Brooklyn (population: 2.5 million) to Nederland (population 1,500),” says Read It Forward editor Kira Walton. “I manage RIF from this tiny town high up in the Colorado mountains, a far cry from the hustle-and-bustle of the city. On some days, your always-welcome website comments, Facebook posts, and tweets are my only contact with the outside world. Which brings me to my current dilemma: the great outdoors has ruined me as a reader.”