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“I seriously couldn’t put this book down,” writes RIFer Kay O. in her review of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. “Gillian Flynn takes you on such a roller coaster ride! The momentum of the story was always high, never letting up. Very easy reading, but such complex matters. One of my top picks of the year so far.”

Marco Pasanella is one of the most talked-about new voices in wine. Martha Stewart sings his praises. Rocco DiSpirito says, “If you’ve ever thought about changing course and taking a big leap to follow your passion, then Uncorked is a must-read.” As Kitchen Confidential and Waiter Rant explored the front and back of the house at restaurants, Uncorked offers a peek behind the curtain of the wine world. A treat for you RIFers: a list of some of the strangest words in wine, a Read It First giveaway, and info on a special series of Sip ‘n’ Sail wine tastings.

“Beirut is one of the world’s most complex, beautiful, messed-up, endlessly dramatic cities,” says Salma Abdelnour, author of Jasmine and Fire. “It combines a stunning setting along the Mediterranean with a thumping nightlife, a diverse and sophisticated population, ancient historical sites dating all the way back to ancient Rome – and a tendency to always be on the verge of total chaos. Lebanon seems to be in the news all the time, for one reason or another, so Beirut stays top of mind – and for every person who thinks ‘It’s too dangerous there! I can’t go!’ there must be at least three people who think ‘What a fascinating place. I must visit!’”

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To celebrate the release of her new thriller Gone Girl, bestselling novelist Gillian Flynn is joining Read It Forward as a guest editor! Beginning this week and continuing through the middle of June, Gillian will ask questions of the RIF community, respond to RIFer Reviews of Gone Girl, share some of her favorite books, and join us for a live video chat. Be a part of the fun, and get exclusive access to one of the most talked-about novelists of the summer!