Start Reading The Dollhouse by Fiona Davis

This stunning novel imagines the lives of the women who inhabited New York's infamous Barbizon Hotel.

By Fiona Davis

Episode 9: Hannah Pittard

Go on a virtual road trip with Hannah Pittard's propulsive novel Listen to Me.

By • 1 month ago

7 Single-Sitting Stunners

Very short novels for a very busy world.

By • 1 month ago

Books to Read During the Political Conventions

Because reading makes everything great again.

By • 1 month ago

7 Books About Art and Artists

Putting art, music and film into words.

By Anna North • 1 month ago

Science Fiction Books For People Who Don’t Read Science Fiction

In case you thought the genre wasn't for you.

By • 1 month ago

Let’s Play Literary Kill, Marry, Shag

Who would you shag, marry and kill if you had to pick between these leading men of literature?

By • 1 month ago
Author Essay

On What Moves the Stars

The connection between Dante and grief.

By JOSEPH LUZZI • 1 month ago
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