Adam Carolla takes us back and reveals all the stories behind how he came to be the angry middle-aged man he is today.

Organized by the myriad “dumps” Adam Carolla called home as a child to the flophouse apartments he rented in his twenties, up to the homes he personally renovated after achieving success in Hollywood, the anecdotes here follow Adam’s journey and the hilarious pitfalls along the way.

Dive into this excerpt and see why Jimmy Kimmel says, “Adam Carolla is a genius. And no, I’m not kidding.”

“The fact is, I’m in the process of panicking in front of Dan Briggs.”

So begins What Comes After Crazy, the funny/sad novel by Sandi Kahn Shelton.

Having grown up as the daughter of Madame Lucille, “Fortune Teller to the Stars,” traveling from town to town, wondering which of the many men her mother brought home would become her next stepfather, Maz Lombard just wants a nice, quiet life. But now her soon-to-be ex-husband wants her back, her daughter thinks he’s inherited the “seeing” gene, and everything gets crazy….

Don’t usually read sci-fi/fantasy? Robert Jackson Bennett, author of City of Stairs, thinks you’ll like this one.

“When people discuss David Mitchell,” says Bennett, “They often immediately go to Cloud Atlas, easily his most popular book.

But his first novel, Ghostwritten, is a delightful, brilliant sci-fi/fantasy romp that may not only be the stronger work, but also serves as an excellent dip into the sci-fi realm for readers who might not be accustomed to the genre.”

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Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1676. Even before Mary Rowlandson was captured by Indians on a winter day of violence and terror, she sometimes found herself in conflict with her rigid Puritan community. Her home destroyed, her children lost to her, she has been sold into the service of a powerful woman tribal leader, made a pawn in the ongoing bloody struggle between English settlers and native people. Battling cold, hunger, and exhaustion, Mary witnesses harrowing brutality but also unexpected kindness.

An enchanting and staggeringly original debut novel about one day in the lives of three unforgettable characters.

Still mourning the recent death of her mother, and caring for her grief-stricken father, Madeleine Altimari doesn’t realize that on the eve of Christmas Eve she is about to have the most extraordinary day—and night—of her life. After bravely facing down mean-spirited classmates and rejection at school, Madeleine doggedly searches for Philadelphia’s legendary jazz club The Cat’s Pajamas, where she’s determined to make her on-stage debut.