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Western Fiction Giveaway: The New World

“Full of big themes such as courage, greed, loyalty and obsession, The New Worldis still an adventure story first and foremost. . . . An entertaining homage that is deeply felt and sincere.” —The Guardian (UK)

Washed ashore after escaping Treasure Island, young Jim Hawkins and his companion Natty find themselves stranded on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Their ship, the Nightingale, has been destroyed, and besides one other crew member, they are the only survivors. Before they can even grasp the full scope of their predicament, they realize they are not alone on the beach. When a band of Native Americans approaches the shore in a threatening fury, they brutally kill Jim and Natty’s last shipmate, rob their dead crew, and take the two desperate survivors hostage.

Suddenly, Jim and Natty are thrust into an adventure that takes them all across the unruly American South. Starting with a desperate escape from a violent chief who obsessively keeps close on their trail, they join up with a troupe of entertainers who take them to a thriving and dangerous New Orleans, and seek the closest port so they can set sail for home once again.

In magnificent, free-wheeling prose and in a high-flying style, Andrew Motion has spun a fantastic yarn that will win the hearts of adventure lovers everywhere.

Your Reading Life Good for Book Clubs

Reading as a Family Affair

“Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world.” ―Napoléon Bonaparte

Reading is often pinned as an act of isolation, but does it have to be?

Reading is a culture in my family. No, strike that, reading is a compulsion in my family. My mom, dad, brother and I–and now my sister-in-law–are all voracious readers. It’s always been like that, and to this day we have an almost sacred respect for someone’s need to curl up in bed with a good book.

When I was a kid, especially on cold winter Sundays, my whole family would bundle up, get in the car and go to the bookstore. The minute we got there, the team would break out to our zones and explore for a few hours until we had all made our selections. Then we’d go home, my dad would make a fire and we’d all curl up in different corners of the house and read.

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Start Reading Sea Lovers

Read an excerpt from Sea Lovers, a brilliant collection featuring Valerie Martin’s finest short stories to date.

The dogs are scratching at the kitchen door. How long, Lydia thinks, has she been lost in the thought of her rival dead? She passes her hand over her eyes, an unconscious effort to push the hot red edge off everything she sees, and goes to the door to let them in.

When Ivan confessed that he was in love with another woman, Lydia thought she could ride it out. She told him what she had so often told him in the turbulent course of their marriage, that he was a fool, that he would be sorry. Even as she watched his friends loading his possessions into the truck, even when she stood alone in the silent half-empty house contemplating a pale patch on the wall where one of his pictures had been, even then she didn’t believe he was gone. Now she has only one hope to hold on to: He has left the dogs with her, and this must mean he will be coming back.

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Loved That Bestseller? Read This!

There are plenty of lazy reading days ahead of us this summer, and if we know you like we think we do, you are well on your way to finishing today’s bestsellers and will soon be in need of another read to throw in your beach bag.

Here are some backlist read-a-likes to match your current favorite book. Whether you are looking for something historical, biographical, or fun & romantic, we’ve got your back.

Your Reading Life Good for Book Clubs

Book Recommendations for Every Kind of Vacation

Especially when packing space is limited, choosing the right book to bring with you on vacation is a fraught decision

Whether you’ll be journeying to a lake, boarding a cruise ship, or setting off an a whirlwind tour of Europe, you can’t go wrong with these novels and memoirs that’ll transport, challenge, and inspire you in equal measure.

“That’s the thing about books…they let you travel without moving your feet.” –Jhumpa Lahiri

Gorgeous Classic Book + Gift from Litographs

Read It Forward has teamed up with our favorite literary clothing company, Litographs, for a special giveaway! We all love classic books with timeless characters and stories that we take with us for the rest of our lives. Enter to win 1 of 5 prize packs that each include a *gorgeous* new edition of a classic.…

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Start Reading a Fresh, Funny Memoir: A Field Guide to Awkward Silences

Excerpt from the hilarious new memoir by Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri.

Afraid of rejection? Alexandra Petri has auditioned for America’s Next Top Model. Afraid of looking like an idiot? Alexandra Petri lost Jeopardy! by answering “Who is that dude?” on national TV. Afraid of bad jokes? Alexandra Petri won an international pun championship.

Petri has been a debutante, reenacted the Civil War, and fended off suitors at a Star Wars convention while wearing a Jabba the Hutt suit. One time, she let some cult members she met on the street baptize her, just to be polite. She’s a connoisseur of the kind of awkwardness that most people spend whole lifetimes trying to avoid. If John Hodgman and Amy Sedaris had a baby…they would never let Petri babysit it.

But Petri is here to tell you: Everything you fear is not so bad. Trust her. She’s tried it. And in the course of her misadventures, she’s learned that there are worse things out there than awkwardness—and that interesting things start to happen when you stop caring what people think.

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Where Is Your Reading Nook?

When you’re diving into an amazing read, location matters. Every book-lover has a special reading nook; their favorite place to read in the entire world.

While I love my childhood home in Marin County, it was lacking in two crucial features: a proper backyard, and any sort of reading nook. We didn’t have window seats or dusty attic crawl spaces. It was a house with few hiding spots, yet my sister and I still found a small respite.

Every Christmas, my mom would pull down from the garage a tipi and set it up in our living room. We would drag in blankets and pillows and create our own little space where we talked, or napped, or read. I distinctly remember reading Jack London’s White Fang, though I’m sure I went through many books in there.