Big Box of Fall Books Giveaway!

We’re celebrating the start of a new season by giving away a big box of our favorite reads coming out this fall in every genre from thriller to literary fiction to biography.

Twenty very lucky winners will receive a selection of 17 amazing books coming out this fall. Share them with your friends or keep them all to yourself, consider this giveaway your starter kit for fall reading.

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12 Literary Characters to Name Your Baby After

Choosing a name for your baby can seem like an impossible task; how do you pick just one?! There are more than 5,000 different first names in common use in the United States alone, and thousands upon thousands beyond that of the less common ones. And then, of course, you might use a name from another language or culture to honor your heritage. Or hey, you might want to make up a whole new name from scratch! With that many options in front of you, narrowing down your top picks seems pretty daunting.

That’s why I’ve started your shortlist for you. And I’ve used only the names that will be most meaningful to a book-lover like you: the beautiful names of all your favorite characters. Just think how much your child will love reading about their namesake when they’re older!

Your Reading Life Good for Book Clubs

What’s Your Favorite Time of Day to Read?

Just as different people have specific sleep cycles that determine how much rest they get, I believe that readers are guided by similar circadian rhythms. If you think about your reading habits, you’ll likely find some patterns, and a specific time—or times!—of day where you feel most comfortable opening up a book and picking up where you left off.

Do you find that your best reading happens in bigger blocks of time? You draw a bath, you actually take a lunch break, or you schedule in an hour before sleep to trade your smartphone games and obsessive social media refreshing for good ol’ quality time with the book that is currently capturing your attention. Chances are, you’ve been thinking about it in your spare time, but you make a special effort to set aside time to really dive in. Even if this means longer blocks of time before your next opportunity for a long read, perhaps this is more intellectually and emotionally stimulating for you.

While I absolutely love treating myself to a good long read, I find that this is only the case when I’m in the middle of a book I can’t bear to put down: a snappy YA, an epic fantasy, generation-spanning literary fiction. If I’m being completely realistic, the majority of my reading happens whenever I can manage it.

Your Reading Life Good for Book Clubs

The Book That Changed My Life

Have you ever read a book where, once you’re finished, the highlighted passages and dog-eared pages far outnumber the pristine ones? It’s the book you recommend to everyone you meet. The book you give as a gift because you want your friends and family to experience the same thing you did with each turn of the page.

That’s how Elizabeth Lesser’s Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow was for me.

I had just turned 30, a birthday I had been excited for, but also wary of. I knew it had the potential to trigger all kind of feelings, like it does in most people when a big birthday rolls around. But for me, it carried more meaning than most.

At 16 years old, I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease with no cure—and given a life expectancy of just 37 years. To enter my new decade with that kind of ticking clock looming over my head was terrifying.

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The Secret to Combining Bookshelves With Someone

When you’re moving in with someone, there are fewer commitments bigger than merging your two bookshelves—certainly with a roommate, and especially with a significant other. After living with roommates who kept separate shelves for the past three years, I’ll be sharing space when my boyfriend moves in with his book collection in tow. Here are a few tips for you (and for me) on the best way to combine our shelves, from accounting for new and different tastes, to the actual mechanics of how to display a suddenly larger collection:

Approach with optimism. This is not a temporary change: You’re intentionally putting a lot of work into something that would take as much, if not more, time to take apart. Don’t fixate on the future; think about what you’re doing now.

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Enter to Win Mindy Kaling’s New Book and Special Tote Bag!

From the author of the beloved New York Times bestselling book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and the creator and star of The Mindy Project comes a collection of essays that are as hilarious and insightful as they are deeply personal

Enter to win Why Not Me? and winners will also receive a free tote bag from The Mindy Project. New Season begins 9/15, only on Hulu. Why Not Me? on sale 9/15! The tote bag is designed by The Mindy Project costume designer Salvador Perez with illustrator Aasha Ramdeen.

Enter to Win a Pair of Novels

This week, we’re giving away a pair of gorgeous novels, The Paris Key and The Gilded Hour About The Gilded Hour “Compelling…This satisfying read, rich in interpersonal relationships of many kinds, is part romance, part mystery, and part serial-killer thriller.”—Booklist (starred review) The international bestselling author of Into the Wilderness makes her highly anticipated return with a…

Your Reading Life Good for Book Clubs

10 Books That Make Awesome Party Themes

If you’re anything like me, you’ll take any excuse to celebrate your love for books. Whether it’s your birthday, Halloween, or just a Friday night gathering—it always seems like a good idea to get all dressed up and decorate your home to look like you just stepped into the pages of a book. Everyone loves a good costume party, and it gives you an excuse to talk all night about your favorite characters—hooray!

So you’ve decided on a literary party, but here’s the tricky part. How on Earth are you supposed to narrow down which of your favorite books should be the theme? Here are my ten suggestions for the greatest literary party themes of all time (because we can’t all have Great Gatsby parties).