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Author Essay

My Boyfriend, Daniel Deronda

Heathcliff and Darcy, step aside. Author Emily Barton only has eyes for George Eliot's hero.

By EMILY BARTON • 3 weeks ago

Quote/Unquote with Paula Hawkins: Fifty Shades of Grey vs. Emma

Watch The Girl on the Train author guess which books these lines appear in.

By • 3 weeks ago

A Brief History of Paper

Because without paper, we wouldn't have books...

By Andy Warner • 3 weeks ago

William F. Buckley’s Eulogies of Famous Authors

These tributes to Truman Capote, Ayn Rand, Vladimir Nabokov and William Shawn while not always flattering, are revealing.

By • 3 weeks ago

Start Reading Hag-Seed

By Margaret Atwood

Earth is a Planet

By Mike Massimino
Author Interview

An Interview with Elizabeth Gilbert

The Eat, Pray, Love author on her love for Facebook, spontaneous applause while reading, and her manifesto on creativity, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.

By • 3 weeks ago

Retellings: Putting a New Twist on the Classics

21 contemporary authors use classic plotlines to create fresh stories.

By • 3 weeks ago
Your Reading Life

Banned Books: Artifacts from the Past or Indicators of Greatness?

Any book that can elicit such dramatically opposing responses from two generations of women deserves my concentration.

By • 3 weeks ago
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