Your Reading Life

Re-Reading Books From Childhood Through Adult Eyes

The words stay the same, but our outlook on the text changes as we grow from kids into adults.

Your Reading Life

Explore the Literary History of Paris

Famous authors, books, and the City of Light.

By • 2 weeks ago
Author Essay

Fear of Flying Virtualized

Erica Jong writes about rediscovering Fear of Flying through her fans—Facebook and otherwise.

By Erica Jong • 2 weeks ago
Author Interview

An Interview with Erik Larson

The bestselling author talks to Read it Forward about Dead Wake, his research and writing process...and Oreos.

By • 2 weeks ago
Author Essay

An Unforgettable Journey into the Alaskan Wild

Aidan Campbell, who journeyed into the Alaskan Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with her father, pauses to reflect on another daughter lost to the wilderness.

By AIDAN CAMPBELL • 2 weeks ago

Books Every Woman Must Read by the Time She’s 20

Or whenever. No pressure.

By • 2 weeks ago
Your Reading Life

Why a Silent Book Club Might Save Your Life

...Or at least let you get a few pages read.

By • 3 weeks ago