Monthly Favorites

RIF’s Favorite Reads of April 2017

Helping you sort out the best from the rest published this month.


Start Reading Life After, by Katie Ganshert

When a sudden explosion rips through a train, twenty-two lives are lost. One is spared.

By KATIE GANSHERT • 1 week ago

How to Organize Your Book Collection Your Way

The authors of Organize Your Way: Simple Strategies for Every Personality teach us how to show off our spines.

By Katie McMenamin & Kelly McMenamin • 2 weeks ago

White Fur

By Jardine Libaire

By JARDINE LIBAIRE • 2 weeks ago

Six Picks: Books for Project Readathon

RIF editors Abbe and Emma choose books you'll be able to read in a week—perfect for #ProjectReadathon!

By • 2 weeks ago

How to Organize Your Book Collection Your Way

By Katie McMenamin & Kelly McMenamin

11 Perfect Passover Reads

Author Jillian Cantor gives her recommendations for books that pair superbly with unleavened bread.

By JILLIAN CANTOR • 2 weeks ago

Episode 17: Peter Heller

Peter Heller reveals the inspiration behind the titular character of his most recent novel, Celine.

By • 2 weeks ago

The Seven Books Every Woman Must Read

Must-reads that have paved new roads, broken glass ceilings, and redefined female sexuality.

By • 2 weeks ago
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