Reader Reviews Good for Book Clubs

Justina Batchelor’s Read It Forward Moment: I Totally Meant to Do That by Jane Borden

The third installment in our Share Your Read It Forward Moment series is here! “I Totally Meant to Do That is Jane Borden’s transformation from southern belle to Brooklyn hipster,” says book publicist Justina Batchelor, “it’s about being a southerner in the city, which I can relate to because I am one myself. So I passed this book on to all the other southerners in the city I know. But because Jane is like a female David Sedaris, I think anyone with a sense of humor can really appreciate this book.”

Book Talk Good for Book Clubs

Meredith Baxter Reflects on Books and Mother’s Day

“Sitting with a book and a child in my lap,” says Meredith Baxter, “was always my sweetest bonding time as a mother. We cannot underestimate the power of our voices in our children’s ears, the shared adventure of breathing life into witches, birds, or bears, the deeply ingrained connection that will be reborn in the next generation.”

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Win Copies of Lisa Unger’s New Novel for Your Book Group

“I love book groups,” says Lisa Unger. “What could be better than a gathering of smart, funny, engaged woman (well, it usually is all woman, and maybe a husband or two) talking about books? Generally, wine and snacks are involved. And I’m usually in my pajamas. It’s true – a couple of times a month, sometimes every week, I join in book group discussions of my novels around the country. Of course, they’re doing all the wine drinking and snack eating. And I’m in my pajamas, usually in my office, chatting with them via speakerphone while my daughter sleeps.”

Reader Reviews Good for Book Clubs

Kira Walton’s Read It Forward Moment: Roland Merullo’s A Little Love Story

Read It Forward is all about that magical moment when you’re able to connect with another person about a book that you loved, when you can pass it on, when you can – not to get too sentimental – read it forward. We’d like to invite you to send us a video about your Read It Forward Moment, a time when you read a terrific book and then shared that terrific book with someone – a friend, your sister, your book club, the guy who stocks the vending machines at your gym, a fellow RIFer, or even a total stranger. Or when one of those people shared their book with you.

Book Talk Good for Book Clubs

Good Books I Should Have Read Already

I am, apparently, behind on the times. Slow on the uptake. Riding the short bus (I’m slow, too, in coming to this expression. I only learned what it meant last year). I’ve got a list of fantastic books that I’ve been reading lately, all of which I want to tell you about; all of which you’ve already heard of.