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The Editor-Model Hybrid Is Born: Posing For Jean Plaidy Covers with Editor Heather Lazare

“What’s up with all the headless women?” As an editor, the last thing you think anyone is going to say to you is, “Hey, do you want to be the model for a few book jackets?” But when our jacket designer needed more photos for the repackaged Jean Plaidy series, she realized she had the funds to hire the photographer but not a model; and thus the editor-model hybrid was born.

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Five Myths on How Men Approach Marriage

A woman tells her friends she’s engaged and there are celebrations in the streets. My congratulations! A man tells his friends and we roll out the funeral procession. My condolences. Somewhere along the way, marriage and masculinity became mutually exclusive. Maybe it’s always been that way, but I don’t buy it.