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Think of a Number

“The plotline for this particular thriller includes a nice thick web of intrigue, gruesome crime scenes, and frantic phone calls. The twisted poems crafted by the killer to taunt those trying to apprehend him are chillingly clever….”

Meet the Author Good for Book Clubs

Susan Gregg Gilmore on the Civil Rights Movement and The Improper Life of Bezellia Grove

Someone asked me recently if I had any trepidation about taking on the Civil Rights Movement in The Improper Life of Bezillia Grove. The question was inevitable. But I wasn’t really prepared to answer it. Relationships were undeniably complicated in the 1960s American South, where society remained neatly ordered by class, status, and skin color. There’s no doubt about that. And Bezellia definitely pushed those once well-defined boundaries. There’s no doubt about that either.

Book Group of the Month Good for Book Clubs

Julie’s NYC Book Group Travels the World with Food

The best part about our book club is the food. Okay, truly it’s the friendship. We were all friends before the club – I don’t remember who suggested we start meeting every month to discuss a new book. But I always look forward to getting together with the girls, sharing our thoughts, and enjoying good food and wine….Thanks to my book club, I’ve traveled the world with food. We always meet at each other’s apartments or Central Park (in the summer months) and each member is tasked with bringing a food from a place or theme in the book.

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Recipe for the Book-Club Buck from Peterson’s Happy Hour

Thankfully, your husband didn’t notice your new designer purse. And when he asked what “the girls” were reading this week, you pulled the “Edgar Allan Poe” card out of your sleeve. You were inspired, of course, by the Amontillado-based buck served at the last, ah, “discussion.” It’s good you’ve been getting a lot of practice bluffing—because what happens at Book Club, stays at Book Club.

Meet the Author Good for Book Clubs

Notes from the Night Editor Vanessa Mobley Interviews Author Taylor Plimpton

“Here in New York, a good night never ends. We will not let it. Though the hour is late, we are more awake than we have ever been in our lives, we are wild-eyed and grinning and dancing around like fools, and the music is thumping and the lights are flashing and the whole place is pulsating like a massive beating heart, and we do not want to go home, we do not want to go to sleep. Above all, we do not want to miss anything….”

Living With Books Good for Book Clubs

Join the Great Typo Hunt with Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson

The signs of the times are missing apostrophes. The world needed a hero, but how would an editor with no off-switch answer the call? For Jeff Deck, the writing was literally on the wall: “NO TRESSPASSING.” In that moment, his greater purpose became clear. Dark hordes of typos had descended upon civilization…and only he could wield the marker to defeat them. If you’re like Jeff and Ben – and typos are like nails screeching down a chalkboard – you need to join the Great Typo Hunt!