Nap Time is the Most Wonderful Time in Mommy’s Day

Some days Mommy is lucky if you fall asleep for ten minutes in her arms after forty-five minutes of bouncing you on her former exercise ball (at least it’s getting some sort of use).

Being a new mom is “AHHHH! WHAT HAVE I DONE?” hard. Why are all these tiny clothes so expensive? Who wrote these mind-numbing board books? Will Mommy ever carry a purse again that’s not a diaper bag? And how is she even functioning off so little sleep?

Reasons Mommy Drinks is a fresh, insightful, and hilarious collection of the various struggles faced by new parents—from mommy groups and single-people envy to the end of maternity leave—with a well-deserved cocktail recipe to go with each one. This must-have resource will help sleep-deprived new moms survive the baby years with their sense of humor, if not their lives as they once knew them, intact.

Enjoy an excerpt of this wickedly funny look at the challenges of new parenthood. With cocktail recipes.

Reasons Mommy Drinks by Lyranda Martin Evans and Fiona Stevenson – Excerpt by Crown Publishing Group