Lisa Unger's Tough Everywoman Heroines

Lisa Unger’s Heroines: Just Like Us?
by Kira Walton

I remember the buzz when Lisa Unger’s novel Beautiful Lies was acquired at the publisher where I worked. This is before e-readers, and everyone was schlepping the manuscript to and from work, reading loose pages on the subway, talking about it in the halls. We knew it would be big, and it was.

Before it hit the shelves, I spent an afternoon with a colleague taking photographs of the Lower East Side neighborhood where Beautiful Lies is set. Walking around collecting photos for our “virtual tour,” I couldn’t shake the feeling that Ridley Jones, the book’s heroine, was going to walk around the corner at any minute.

Lisa Unger’s heroines are some of my favorite characters. They’re strong and smart and tough. But they’re not superhuman. They’re Everywoman.

Ridley Jones reminded me of my friends: ambitious young women making a life for themselves in the big city. Ridley was faced with mind-blowing lies that made her question everything about her life, but her reactions? They were familiar somehow. Totally believable.

Lisa Unger’s plots are twisty and unexpected, but it’s the way she puts ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances that makes her thrillers truly exceptional.

Kate and Emily are no different. They’re the heroines of Heartbroken, the latest from Lisa Unger, now in paperback. Don’t miss it.