Riddle Giveaway Extravaganza

Try your hand at cracking our bookish riddles! Every day, for the next three days, we’ll post a new riddle. The correct answers will always be the title of a book, and if you guess correctly, you’ll have the chance to enter to win a fantastic prize. We’ll post each riddle’s answer exactly 24 hours after it first goes up so you can see if you guessed correctly. Check the countdown clock to see how much time is left for the current riddle and be sure to put in your guess before time runs out! As an extra challenge, the riddles will get harder (and the prizes will get larger) each day. Good luck and have fun!

Answer to Riddle #1: The Martian 

Answer to Riddle #2: Sense and Sensibility

Answer to Riddle #3: The Scarlet Letter

Congratulations to all of you who guessed correctly! We’ll be selecting winners and ordering the books today. Good luck to all. 

Enter for a chance to win!

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