What’s the Most Egregious Typo You’ve Ever Seen?

A charming collection of typographical errors, slips of the pen, and embarrassing misprints, Just My Typo celebrates the awful and the sublime mistakes that riddle our feeble human attempts at communication.

It’s time to accept the truth: typos are everywhere. Legal documents are riddled with errors, headlines of respectable publications are rife with misspellings, and even your favorite books need a few reprints to get everything right. Isn’t it time we learned to laugh at our mistakes instead of despairing?

Just My Typo is an irresistible collection of the most humorous, mistakenly poignant, and downright awful typos in texts, from the Bible to insurance advertisements to political slogans.

Author Drummond Moir talks about how he researched this hiliarious collection of cringe-worthy typos.

“First, I asked hundreds of people from the book world (authors, publishers, proofreaders, booksellers, literary editors, librarians) as well as a fairly random selection of professionals (lawyers, teachers, estate agents, psychologists, Bible companies etc) to send me their favourite howlers.

Second, a lot of the most embarrassing and/or expensive ones have made the news, so I did a fair bit of online trawling – Mitt Romney’s campaign team spelling their country ‘Amercia’ in their campaign photo app; the Florida couple who thought they’d won $500,000 on the lottery only to be told there was a typo on their ticket; the deaf New Zealand MP who was described as being the country’s first ‘profoundly dead’ politician; the missing hyphen in a 1962 NASA calculation that sent Mariner 1 into the ocean rather than to Venus.

And third, a lot of the funniest typos came from existing books of mistakes, particularly older ones – there’s a hilarious American pamphlet published in 1871 called The Book of Blunders; another from 1884, Journalistic Jumbles; a fantastic collection from the 1930s with a brilliant title, Breaks: Unintentional Errors by Tired Newspaper Men and Others; and a series of ‘Howler’ books by Cecil Hunt from the first half of the twentieth century full of primary school kids’ typos.

Among the many gems here were ‘Jesus was born because Mary had an immaculate contraption’, and ‘Alexander the great conquered Greece, Egypt and Persia. Sadly he died with no hairs.'”

Congrats to Nikki S., Robin P., Johnny M., Kathryn P., Cole M., and 20 other members of the Read It Forward community! Their entries were selected at random to win a paperback copy of Just My Typo by Drummond Moir.

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