Love Letters Are the Heart and Soul of A Life Apart

That was more than 40+ years ago, and I’ve been fascinated with love letters ever since. There is something magical about expressing your most cherished thoughts in a way that hastens your heart.

How sacred a time it once was during medieval to early modern days when letters were not only a pastime, but an essential form of communication. Something that has become passé with the transcendence of technology and time. Rarely do we write anything nowadays without the click of a mouse, the tap of board, or hastily glued to a shiny electronic device.

That is why I was intrigued with the idea of writing the letters that became the heart and soul of A Life Apart.

A Life Apart is the story of a forbidden love that culminated with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and spanned World War II through the Civil Rights movement to present day.

It was truly a labor of love to craft the untethered devotion between Morris (a white sailor) and Beatrice (a young black woman) and do it against the backdrop of a raging and terrible war. The words came easy, from deep within the most sacred and sensitive places of my heart. I understood what Morris and Beatrice must have felt, despite my resistance to utter anything that would dishonor such a delicate and daunting time.

Opening the floodgates—that divine tunnel where words flowed, feelings emerged and love spawned—reminds me of that eight-year-old little girl that sat dreamingly in Mrs. Lanaham’s class and crafted the letter that ultimately nabbed Darryl. I felt my own heart open to an expression and a great appreciation for something that has since drifted and left our world shallow.

There is simply something about love letters that slows us, makes us connect in a way that coalesces our hearts.

So for those lucky few who cling to chivalry, I say kudos to you. And for those of us that have forgotten the essence of the truest form of expression, I say write a love letter, even if only to yourself.

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