Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Advice for Recent Grads

That motivation will be very useful when it comes to finding and developing your future career, so great job! But rather than worry about the future or stress over how you’re going to succeed and what you’re going to do, try to apply that energy towards positive thoughts and determination. It’s so useful during a time like this!

The past year I’ve realized that figuring out my career is going to take time, something so major in life doesn’t just happen overnight. But with every new experience, I’ve learned something about myself that helps me narrow down my passions into my future career.

You have to personally experience something for yourself to know whether or not you truly like it enough to do it forever. Plus, your career may not even exist yet, just like social media jobs didn’t 10 years ago. That’s why our economy is so interesting and always changing. I absolutely love watching creativity progress like that.

So my advice would be to find internships that spark your interests and see how you enjoy the environment and the work. Even if a position you thought was great actually turns out to be monotonous and unfulfilling, at least you tried it and acquired a new set of skills doing so. Nowadays, the more skills you can use towards a position, the better candidate you become.

Katherine Schwarzenegger discusses her generation with Katie Couric – click below!
Katherine Schwarzenegger

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