Humor Giveaway: Enter to Win The Little Miss and Mr. ME ME ME Series (a parody)

Sick of selfie sticks or those over-sharing TMI-ers in your Facebook feed? Surrounded by millennials sipping pumpkin spice lattes in their Uggs, or self-promoters acting all #grateful and #blessed? These hysterical parodies feature adorably damaged adults who’ll make you laugh (and cringe) in recognition.​

Learn more about these adorable books here: and follow them on Twitter: @LilMissBasic.

little miss and mr. men

Silly Mr. Humblebrag. He has fame, fortune, and a hot fiancé, and he can’t wait to tell everyone how darn #lucky he is. But what if they hate his guts instead of revel in his success?

Little Miss Basic loves her Uggs, her pumpkin spice lattes, and texting her totes amaze Basic B*tches. But when she gets dumped by her BAE, Mr. Douchebag, she feels sad and ratchet inside. How can a Basic bounce back?

For Mr. Selfie, every op is a photo op—as long as he is the one in front of the lens. And also behind it! He risks his job taking selfies at work. He risks his life taking selfies at the zoo. Do you know someone with no selfie-control?

Little Miss Overshare is so very generous, she sometimes gives too much. Too much information! She informs a senior citizen about her sex life and chit-chats about her lady problems at the office water cooler.

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