Enter to Win a Hand-Picked Library of 50 Books

Win 50 staff-picks from Tattered Cover Book Store and Northshire Bookstore!

To celebrate the launch of our brand new site design (!) we’ve partnered with two of our absolute favorite independent bookstores, Tattered Cover Book Store and Northshire Bookstore, to bring you this special giveaway.

The hard-working staff from each store selected 25 of their must-read books across a variety of our favorite genres just for this prize. One lucky winner will win the entire library of books!

Good luck and happy reading!

Enter for a chance to win!

This sweepstakes ended at 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time) on June 16, 2016.

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  • Rob Greco

    Please! I’ll read anything and everything! 🙂

  • B. J.

    What an amazing prize, would be sooo excited to win! 🙂

  • anyanwubutler

    The possibility of winning books curated from Northshire Bookstore– that’s very exciting! I hear your monthly or so book recommendations on WAMC and I always look forward to them.

  • Brenda Dickson

    What a great giveaway! Thank you so much for the chance!

  • Thanks for the terrific giveaway.

  • Carrie Korski

    This sounds awesome!!! What a way to start your own personal library!

  • Topazshell

    I am liking this prize. See my smile.

  • Reem Selim Fakhry

    Now this is amazing! Love, love, love!!

  • bookmama3

    You can never win too many free books!

  • Patty

    This is an awesome contest!

  • Tessbooks

    Books….the love of my life! Come to me!!

  • Teri McDowell

    What an awesome giveaway! Completing my master’s in Literature in July — this would make a great reward 🙂

  • chiniy

    If someone else uses this library computer to enter, does that mean I can’t enter? Wouldn’t it be the same IP address.How would I know if I was disqualified?

  • Carol Kubala

    Good luck to all that enter. Isn’t this jut the best prize ever?

  • meekyn

    This would be utterly amazing.

  • Elizabeth Sotirion

    OMG, how great to win books!

  • bryteyes44

    Oooh, book…lots and lots of books! Good luck everyone!

  • Mary

    I love reading. Thank you for allowing me an entry.

  • ch2801

    I have the master suite in my sons house. Already have 192 books on 3 bookselves. Two boxes of paper backs in garage. Still would love the books!

  • Wendi

    I read for work and read for pleasure! I read anything and everything! Thank you for the opportunity to win an amazing collection of books.

  • christine porter


  • Frances Cavallo

    I would be so blessed and honored to win these books! I have been very sick with Lupus…Chronic Pancreatitis and Cancer…amongst other things…I spend more time in the hospital lately than anything else…and I love to read!!! It would just be like the best thing in the world…not to have to worry about getting some new books…my family would be able to just bring them in to me!…it would be wonderful! I am hoping that one of these days…before something happens…I will be able to win a Kindle…because I think that you can have them read to you…and that would be so great…I wouldn’t have to hold the books in my hands for a long time! would treasure them forever…and they would become a family heirloom…to be passed down in my family forever!!! This is such an awesome prize! Please keep me in your prayers!!! Good Luck to Everyone!!!

  • Karen Hill

    I never go anywhere without a book! What a great prize. Thank you!!

  • jen in ct

    Tattered Cover was on my bucket list. Visited Denver just for this.. and Loved it!

  • Mareka Huitt

    What a blessing that would be <3

  • Jennifer Wasnick

    As an avid reader who is generationally addicted to the virtual reality escapes of literature the thought gives #goosebumps…prize me please:-)

  • Sam

    Can’t ever have too many books! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  • Val Stark

    Will work for books!

  • shelly


    • shelly

      I would love to win this fantastic gift and would share it with friends and family so they could all enjoy my good luck

  • Molly Hyde-Caroom

    Thank you for this opportunity! I did share with a few friends (4)! How do I receive the extra entries? Indie bookstores are my absolute favorite!

  • Reem Selim Fakhry

    Love, love love reading new books! Looking forward to reviewing more for my blog!

  • Sher Isenberg

    Sounds wonderful!!!

  • Karen Ott

    I just love to read, the more books the better. Love this chance to win!

  • Tobie Lurie

    Those bookstores look fabulous. Would love to visit them in person!

  • Seanna Yeager

    Tattered Cover Book Store is one of my favorite places in Denver. <3

  • Missy

    I would love to win this and donate to our locate Cancer Center … sitting through hours and hours of a chemo session definitely needs something to distract the mind, and what better way than to escape into a good book! 🙂

    • BrendaLee

      As a Cancer Patient, I agree this would be awesome. Thank you.

      • Missy

        Wish you well … hope you are working with a naturopath or nutritionist to get the nourishment your body needs to rebuild and strengthen your immune system

      • Kellie Smith

        God bless you, Brenda Lee!

        • BrendaLee

          Thank you.

    • lalas57

      I hope others read this & get inspired to donate their “already read it” books & magazines – also a donation to a dialysis center would be appreciated!

      • Missy

        Good suggestion, too!

      • Tabitha

        I would love to donate to such a good cause who do I contact?

        • Suzanne McNutt

          Contact your local VA, VA Hospital, Veteran’s Outreach Center, local hospitals, Kidney Dialysis Centers…

          • retiredvetwife

            You can also drop them off at a local VFW post. The seniors would welcome them.

          • Donna

            Also don’t forget the Nursing Homes, some of them still get around and read.

      • Betty Curran

        What a great idea. I work in a building next door to a dialysis center but never thought of donating my used books.

    • So I Read This Book

      That is a WONDERFUL Idea!! And you are right… hours and hours of chemo is miserable, and a good book can really help. I did a year of chemo for Stage IIIb breast cancer – miserable. You are a good person!

      • Missy

        And YOU are a survivor – bravo! That’s a lot to deal with … wish you well!

    • Marg Love

      So true Missy. A good friend was going through chemo. I kept sending her books I thought she might like. She lost her battle last week but I like to think I brightened a few days.

      • Missy

        Oh, so sorry to hear you lost your friend – and what a wonderful gift you gave her to offer some ‘escape’ reading (not to mention your continued friendship).

    • LOU

      I am a cancer customer. Yes, customer, I think it is the biggest money making industry we have in this country. I have greatly researched, and would never allow chemo or radiation or any of the drugs. I did spend a LOT of time at the doctor offices and hospitals. It is extremely hard to read with so many people, noise, etc. around. It is very frustrating starting to read something then making that decision: do I take it to finish or leave it for someone else. Would there be room for the books? And how do you keep clean of germs, and would anyone, if there was a way? I understand the motive is wonderful, but would it really be something good.

      • Ginny Persinger

        I sympathize with you over the germs, I really do, but as a family member of one that had chemo, and a family member that had radiation treatments and an unusual cell that what is known as the smoker’s cancer (he has never smoked in his life) required chemo. Sitting with my family members going through this the chemo treatment room has you wash your hands, soap and water and then sanitizer. They do not want any germs to make anyone ill, because you can’t do your treatment until you are better. The books and the magazines that are donated and you want to read one, ask for gloves to wear and a scrub mask so you don’t come in contact with the “germ”. At the end of your session gave you the option of taking it to finish it or gave you a piece of paper to write your info on the book and write the page number you stopped at. If you take it to finish it wipe down the cover with an alcohol pad and hit the pages with a blow dryer on high long enough to warm them above the temp to kill the germs. It doesn’t hurt a thing. Hope this makes you rethink the idea. BTW – My dad passed away from the complications of the chemo and yes it is bittersweet. My baby brother has been in and out treatment with long stretches w/ no cancer.

        • Karaine

          Thank you Ginny and my condolences on your loss. 🙁

          I send hope and prayers for your little brother!

          • Ginny Persinger

            Thank you Karaine. My Dad is missed greatly.
            My family and I are rallying and praying for my baby brother. Your prayers are very much appreciated, thank you! He has a long road ahead but he has had a wonderful start. Thank you again Karaine!

          • Karaine

            You’re so very welcome Ginny!I’m saying another prayer for little brother now. 🙂 I hope for all the best for all of you.


          • Ginny Persinger

            Prayers are greated! Thank you Karain!÷

    • Cynthia

      I like the idea!

    • Trina Pierce-Gibney

      I do the same with my finished reading accumulation. I donate to my local cancer Ctr, Shade Tree battered women & kids shelter, the rescue mission & the parent lounge at Ronald Mc Donald’s House on a rotation schedule throughout the year. I hate to donate any books to like Goodwill or those type places bcuz I know for a fact a few now just throw them in the trash. They say with e-readers out ppl dont bother to buy books anymore. I cant Stand that waste. Let’s share with ppl who enjoy reading.

    • hettie45

      I went through that last year with my husband and I always took a book to read. It is a time when you really need to escape what is going on in your life for an hour or so. What a wonderful idea, Missy.

      • Missy

        So glad to hear you got through it … sending prayers for your continued healing and good health (and happy reading!) 🙂

  • Tammy Reedy

    Awesome!50 books staff picked by Tattered Cover Book Store & Northshire Book Store!Who wouldn’t want these books to read? Thank You for the chance to win!

  • Mary Pitre

    A great giveaway.

  • Pat

    Wonderful way to find new authors and then to share them with others.

  • tanyaandoniadis

    What a great way to enjoy the summer. Reading and reviewing books.

  • Marie T. Fisher

    What a wonderful opportunity! Kudos on the brand new site design and many thanks to Tattered Cover Book Store and Northshire Bookstore for their generosity!

  • disqus_r4bTG0gQo6

    awesome prize

  • Corey Mesler

    This might be as close as I get to visiting those august places of literary commerce. Cheers to them.

  • Becky W

    Love Tattered Cover. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Florence Fales

    This prize is very exciting. My dad always told me, if want to get educated, READ!!!. I believe that wholeheartedly.

  • Connie Kline Fischer

    This is a truly amazing and exciting giveaway of what I know will be fabulous books. Thank you ever so much for your generosity!

  • Kelly Ballenger

    What an excellent giveaway! It would be fun to see what they would pick.

  • Patricia

    The possibility of winning books is a tremendous opportunity. First to be able to read the books, second to be able to share with others the joy of reading. There are many charities that would appreciate receiving books. As a recent cancer survivor reading a good book has brought me many hours of escape fro the real world.

  • Jessica Lawrence

    I love books! Haha! Thank you for the chance to win some!

  • Paula Wilson Parker

    I love all the time that I get to spend in the Tattered Cover looking over the latest books and attending their author events. Thank you for your partnership with them.

  • boyces

    Very exciting, would love to win. Thanks!

  • Louanne

    I would love to win this as reading and books are my passion. always carry a book with me where just in case I have a few minutes I can read

  • Tina Myers

    Wow this would be great to win. Thank you!!

  • Carol Gilreath

    This is an awesome opportunity thank you. Books are the gateway to other worlds.

  • dorothydistefano

    I’ve had the worst year ever. I actually nearly died of MRSA. What got me through? Reading. This is a prize that would mean a whole lot to me.

  • Melba Gobble Worley

    Wow, this is an awesome opportunity. Good luck to all entrants. Thanks for this giveaway.

  • Wendy Flora

    I would love to win these. I’d like to start a little library in my neighborhood.

  • Lauren Bufferd

    I have a Free Little Library which would be perfect for these books!

  • Eva Calia

    I would pass these books along to fellow members of the South Florida Writers Association, perhaps as awards to writers contest winners, mentioning Penguin Publishing, etc. as the source of these books. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Belinda Harbuck Joyner

    Awesome giveaway thanks for the chance!

  • Betty Harrison

    i love books. I am a retired widow and live alone. I read to occupy a lot of my time. I live in an apartment complex and I put my books in a box and place it near the mail boxes so others who would like to read can have them.

    • WendyMorlan

      Betty, I’m a library director and we often get good, used books donated to us. Sometimes we already have them in our system, so can’t use them. If you’d like to share the address of the apartment complex, I’d be happy to send you some.

  • Margaret Mierkowski

    As a cancer survivor I spend many hours at all my specialist appointments which can be boring…but taking along a book may make my wait time seen a lot shorter…so I sure would love to win this great giveaway!

  • Moke Hill

    Although donating them to a local Cancer Center is indeed a worthy cause, I would keep all the books for our family. We are in the process of rebuilding our library (25 + years ) after losing it in the Butte Fire last summer in California. I have spent many hours browsing (and buying books) at the Tattered cover, more hours in the Creek Creek one, than the new location.Whenever we return home to visit family in Denver we always make a excursion to the Tattered cover. It completes our visit to see family. Dreaming of a box of books arriving on my doorstep one day. (By the way we are going to rebuild, break ground some time next week.)

    • Kimberly Westrope

      What type of books are you looking for? I rescued a bunch from being destroyed and I have a bunch at home I’m going to try and sell, but would love to donate them to your family. I have a lot of hardback (like new) best sellers, and many, many more .

    • Robert Beveridge

      Box Day at the Case Western book sale is coming up in a couple of Tuesdays… if there’s any particular genre(s) you’re looking for, I can grab a box or two on the side and fire ’em off your way…

    • Barbara Nickless

      My heart goes out to you! We lost our home in the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire and I lost my entire library–thousands of books. So I know just how you feel. Next time you’re at Tattered Cover, pick up a copy of Phoenix Rising: Stories from Remarkable Women Walking Through Fire by Kristen Moeller and Leslie Aplin Wharton. You might find it of comfort. Hugs to you and your family.

    • Missy

      So sorry to hear of your loss – books are like good friends, so I would have shed tears for them, too. Try your local libraries – the one near us (in Oregon) has a half-yearly “Friends of the Library” book sale (Friday-Saturday-Sunday), and the last day you can fill a grocery bag of whatever for $2.00 (yep, two dollars).

  • Tammy Haraburda Foster

    I am praying big time for a win. I can play the “it’s my bday on the 25th”, which it is. Or I could share how I lost my house & everything in it (including every single book I ownded), which I did. I can tell you how much reading means to me, always has, always will – it does! Heck, I can even share how I’m a cancer survivor & also had an accident that permanently disabled me. None of it makes me any more or less worthy than anyone else here. All I can do is pray that I win because it’s my time to have something positive happen & win something that would bring joy to me & my friends & family (because books are meant to be shared!)

  • Olivera

    After the last two moves I find myself truly book deprived – this would make me very happy!

  • :Donna Marie

    Congrats on the new website!!! And what a WONderful, generous giveaway! If I get lucky and win, I plan to donate these books to whomever is most likely to want to read whichever ones 😀 Including myself on a few, I’m sure 😉 Thanks!

  • Chrisk

    50 hand curated books by people who know and love books, what more could you ask for! I’ll supply my own cat and coffee if you pick me.

    • Barbara Dale’s-wife

      If I win these books I would give them to our non-profit youth center.

  • Delinda

    What a generous offer and I hope whoever wins will share their love of reading with our younger generation. Nothing can ever replace the feeling of actually holding a book and the anticipation of where it will take you after opening to the first page. Thank you for doing this.

  • Deidre Moon Sowerby

    Oh my what a wonderful win this would be!!!!

  • Cheryl Baranski

    What a wonderful giveaway!

  • Joyce Cook

    Awesome Idea!!!!!

  • MidwestRedhead

    Would love to win this. Our neighborhood has tiny individual libraries, like birdhouses or wooden mailboxes, so neighbors can take a book and leave a book. If I win, my daughter and I would swap out these books as we finish them to share with our neighbors.

    • Karaine

      I like that idea! 🙂

  • Sharon

    My little tiny library would love to be the recipient of these books. We share with a senior housing group if we get duplicates.

  • Eileen Busby

    I really want to win this!!

  • Janet

    What a thrill this would be. We live in an adult community and many do not drive to library.
    how exciting this would be to share them with all.

  • Book Diva

    I would share them with our overworked, underpaid Title One TEACHERS!

  • michele

    This is the contest of my dreams!!!

  • Patricia Young

    Would be wonderful to win such treasures! I used to keep all my books, but now I donate/share almost all after reading. There’s so much to love about reading!
    Love the new look of the website!

  • April

    What a great opportunity! Thank you so much for the chance to add to my library 🙂

  • Carol Luciano

    Amazing giveaway. There are some great ideas what to do with so many books. Enough to donate some to everyone.
    God Bless Brenda Lee. In my prayers. My youngest is in remission from Bone Cancer – Osteo Sarcoma.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  • susan

    i would love to win and donate to my sons school teacher in life skills

  • Ilene H.

    i entered, thought it was a good idea.

  • Holly Edmonds

    Thanks for the chance to win! I have so many ideas for these books! Lots of worth while places these books would help out at.

  • chrislin

    I always like to put books in the small free library boxes spred across our town

  • Barbara Wenner

    I would like to win these books and then give them to the cancer center where i go to,thanks for the giveaway

  • Mick

    If I win I will donate the books to The Greenville Literacy Association. Volunteers at GLA teach reading skills to immigrants and to local needy citizens. The books would be used in the classroom or would be part of their fund raising book sale which attracts large crowds.

  • gmadi1


  • Chances Denise DeVaul

    I love books! But I know that I wouldn’t be able to read all those wonderful books!. I would help to share them with my landlady, Ms. Dottie, because she is a much more voracious reader than I am!

  • Pamela Sanders

    I would love to win this prize. Thank you for the opportunity!.

  • J. A. Reindl-Bransfield

    This is incredible give-away! My husband is on dialysis while he awaits a kidney transplant and books help him and other patients at his center pass the time and “get away” from it. They trade books all the time and are always looking for new titles that none of them has read yet. To be honest, I would keep a couple for myself, as nothing is better than a good book.

  • iamkygirl

    Would love to win.. You can take a book anywhere you go. Thank you for this great promotion and the chance to win!

  • I usually donate the books I read to our local library/book sale. I can’t keep them all, not enough shelf space!

  • Nora-Adrienne Deret

    This would be a wonderful way to continue building my home library. I have close to 3000 books right now. From cozies, to classic sci fi from the 40’s 50’s and 60’s.

  • Marcia Cunningham

    The VA hospital is always looking for magazines and books. This would be great.

  • Sandy Cook-Bensley

    Sweet…who couldn’t use a few more books to add to her collection.

  • Barry Collins

    I would be overwhelmed with joy if I would win this many books. I would surely donate many to aCancer Center locally.

  • Mary Mac

    I am the steward for a Little Free Library, and I would love to win and share my prize with the people who rely on my little library for access to good books!

  • Francie

    What an amazing giveaway! I “recycle” books to the high school English classrooms where I taught before retiring. Others I donate to my local public library so that they may add them to their collection or sell them at their fundraising book sales. It’s so good to read how many of us readers donate our books to such good causes!

  • Jayne Hague

    Will we get to see the list they come up with? I would love to know what they put on the list.

  • Angelina

    I would love to win these books and my church give them to our church cancers & ill parish indv.

  • Margaret Turner

    This would help our senior retirement community, of modest incomes, to enlarge our library. We like to remove duplicate or worn books at our yearly garage sale (money to charity) and get newer books as available. Hope you can help us We are in Mt. Vernon, Washington.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Would love to win. I share books with friends and donate books to our Friends of the Library in our town.

  • Georgi Tileston

    I usually donate “used” books to local senior center or library.
    Have been a library patron since preteen years that I can remember. …

  • Rumeur

    I take all my finished books to library since city drastically cut back on funding. Some they sell, others they shelve 🙂

  • Tonya Mathis

    What a great prize. If I win, I would keep a few, but would donate most of them either to the library, or to the cancer center where the patients can have something to read, or be read to during their treatments.

  • Nancy

    These would be great to share with friends and then with the assisted living facility near my home.

  • Laura Lowe

    I love to read and share good books with friends!

  • Janice

    Tattered Cover in Denver is a great bookstore!

  • AbbysBiggestFan

    This is an amazing giveaway. Good luck to all!

  • Pj Gaumond

    This collection sounds amazing…..love books and have been broadening my reading.

  • volunteeriga

    This would be great

  • Dianne Nickel Casey

    Great giveaway. I would share with my sister.

  • Joanne Altieri

    I would donate them to a library or a senior center or a nursing home. I have given paperbacks to a nursing home before. Maybe to a shelter too. Thank you for the fabulous giveaway and for the chance. I probably will give some to the Library in my Condo Complex too. Good luck to everyone.

  • Nancy Saubert Luebke

    I would love to win. All the books I read that are not digital, I pass on to a group of friends, some to my mother in law and a few to the library. Helps to keep my DH from saying I have too many books. lol.

  • Diana Collins

    Wonderful!!!! Thank you 🙂

  • Babsy13

    What a wonderful giveaway!!! I would keep some and pass some along…thanks.

  • Gail Ormsbee

    Would love this for my friend!

  • Marg Love

    Very disappointed when I realized that Hawaii and Alaska residents are disqualified from entering. Very aggregating to not be allowed to enter. Heck, if postage was the problem I’d be happy to pay it if I won.

  • I’d love to win so I could donate them to our local library.

  • BMR

    I am a volunteer for a large hospice organization with 2 inpatient facilities and many home visit patients. Frequently I read to patients who are no longer able to do so. I would love to donate the books to this organization

  • Cheryl Greenleaf

    I pass on all my books to the local library book store.

  • hootowl14

    Open to US only? *weeps*

  • kath

    I have my own catch and release program with books. I keep very few, others are donated. Books are meant to be read by as many people as possible, IMO 🙂

  • applescruff

    Would enjoy winning — would have a multitude for the long cold winter!

  • Angela

    This would be great for summer travels.

  • phylnorm

    Thanks for this great opportunity.

  • Mary

    Ithat’s a great idea!

  • Reader

    I would like to donate the books to our local community library. In small towns the funds are limited to replenish new books for our readers.

  • Sharon Sharp

    I am a Former Children’s Librarian who loves books and since retiring have moved away from my friends, but find my books are still a great comfort..

  • Norma Weeks

    I’m a victim of Acute Chronic Pain – and reading is what get’s me through each and every day! Better by far than any pill ever invented.

  • SLCNomad

    Hope you will post the list of book recommendations!! And what a great idea – LOVE Tattered Cover!

  • erna

    I would give some to Missy – depending on the shipping cost – and go with her plan to donate some to the local cancer centers. I would donate the rest to small town libraries in the San Luis Valley (Colorado) in honor of my Mom who passed away ten years ago from caner.

  • Dr. Vicki Burrichter

    What a great idea! Thanks!

  • cspring31971

    This is a fantastic giveaway! Thank you for hosting it.

  • Janet R ARROYO

    Sounds exciting! I would love to win!

  • Nancy Bessonette

    I live in low income senior housing. There are over 250 of us and we trade around and also have a library of donated books. It would be wonderful to have these to share and also for my reading pleasure.

    • LOU

      Wonderful motive, sounds like germ city, really good idea? (I have done a lot of visiting to senior housing, forgetting hand washing is one of the first problems I see over and over. 🙁 )

      • Karaine

        I don’t think we always need to worry about germs. Firstly, with chemo patients I understand.. But even then- refrigeration or heat will kill all germs.
        And not all senior citizens have low immune systems.

  • Dear Contest Administrators:

    I wanted to make you aware that I entered my email address, niama@drniamawilliams.com, twice because I didn’t know any other way of getting back to this page. I wanted to share this contest information via email, and I clicked every social media link before clicking on the email link. Then my computer did something odd, and I lost the page!!!!

    Please know that I erred only because I wanted to share this contest with friends whom I thought would love your generosity and caring. I fully expect one entry to be deducted because I simply did not know how to get back to this page.

  • Jane brooks

    Janet evanovitch and christopher moore

  • Celia Williams

    I am a retired English teacher n will definitely benefit from receiving these books n sharing them with others.

  • tammie

    I would love to win this then share them with others.

  • Angelique Chase

    What an amazing giveaway , I hope they publish the list of books for the Non-winners and Good luck

  • peacesun

    On April 30, 2016, we had Independent Bookstore Day where you could get a book passport stamped by the stores and special merchandise for that day. I went to 3 on my side of town, Loganberry Books, Appletree Books and Mac’s Backs. I’ve bought books at all three and think that going to a bookstore is a great way to pass time, browse and learn something new. One place had a roundtable of talk on getting published and how to get an agent. I love to read books of all sorts plus ARC’s.

  • judy o

    the best giveaway on the web–thank you so much

  • Bobbie A Thompson

    Even though , between my husband and myself, we have over 4000 books. And NONE of them are Kindles! If I won, I can not lie, some we would keep for our selves, but the majority would go to our local Vet Center. There are many veterans in our area who love to read but can not get to a library or can not afford to buy the books for themselves

  • Cheryl

    I would love to win!! Being disabled, my favorite pass time is reading. This is a cool contest. I’ll go and check out these websites.

  • Rose Webb

    …50 books…beyond my wildest dreams…I was a member of the Library Book Club , in my Rubber-City-Town…I can travel the world, meet all sorts of people & live in different days & times, through books…my Mother read to me from a volume of Classic Story Books…’ The King’s Cream,’ was my all-time favorite….I used Mother’s Library-card to check books out of ‘ The Grown-up section ‘ at the Library…this is how I learned about our political figures of the day….Mother had six of us children & didn’t have much time to read for her own pleasure, so she read to us, instead….& it was a sure treat !!! I have accumulated an eclectic band of books for …anyone’s pleasure…especially, my own !!! Thank-you for offering this fantastic Prize-of-Books…such a Grand Prize for any reader !!!

  • MsP

    What a great giveaway!!! So many places need books…after I read them of course! But I’m fast!

  • Sandy Foster

    So call me selfish! First I read the books and then take them to the library at the VA hospital. Having spent time there, I appreciated having a few good books available.

  • michelle miller

    i would give to special needs students in my distict.

  • Jake

    I’d read each one and then contribute it to our college or local library!

  • Robin Leigh Morgan

    Since I never accept any request to review books, I only read/review those I’ve either bought myself or have won through the various giveaways I enter regularly. Winning this giveaway will provide me with a treasure trove of reading material to last me months when I add to the new giveaways I’ll still be entering.

  • Kristy Lynn Hanson

    I love all the ideas people have posted of where to donate books! I will definitely be looking into some to donate my used books as well. If I win this giveaway I would love to read as many of them as I could and then pass them along to my local library or cancer center or VA. Thanks for all the suggestions!

  • Lynne Moody

    Thank you for a chance to win a Awesome giveaway ??? Love to read every day ?

  • mayacb

    One of my most favorite bookstores anywhere ever!

  • I’m a supporter of “shop local, shop small”. Having had an art gallery which only sold the work of local artists in our small tourist town, I realize the challenges involved in selling outside the big box.

  • ?WOW!! How amazing would this be?! Would be the BEST win ever!!??

  • T. Greenwood

    This would be marvelous! I would donate the books to WordsAlive, my husband’s literacy organization — though I’d have to pluck out a few treats for myself first 🙂

  • ralyra
    • ralyra

      Oops! Thought I was entering the contest, posted on the wrong line.

  • Angela Williams

    I can picture myself now curled up with one of my books and the other 49 waiting in the wings…Ah love.

  • Donna Lauer Bucelli

    If I win these books when I’m done reading them I pass along to my parents and friends and than they are passed along again to other family and friends. We are like the Energizer Bunny – we just keep going and going.

  • clynsg

    There are also the little free corner libraries that are springing up throughout the country–generally just a small shelf container where people can take and give books to be read with no red tape at all. There is a new one where I live and I have several books that I plan to leave there.

  • Judy

    Donating the books or any books to a good cause is great. I will be doing some research to find where and how I can donate books. I am mostly and e-reader now but still have plenty of hardcover and soft cover books that I can donate.

    • Esther Shaffer

      Find out if there are any Little Free Library locations in your town. They look like large bird houses, but have books in them. People who have one in their yard are called Stewards, and they can always use donations. There’s a map of locations at https://littlefreelibrary.org/ourmap/

  • Linda Stewart

    I love to read, and I have friends who are readers, this would help me start a book club for women who can not buy a book, because their budgets are not enough to make purchases. Sometimes a book will help someone to change their lives or the community in which they live. I have several magazines and books which I donate to friends, so I do not have to add to the landfill that is growing everyday.

  • Christine

    My husband and I are avid readers. We buy a lot of used books and ebooks. We donate boxes of books to our local library every year and go to their book sales. It is fun. We would love to get this collection to peruse and read and then pass forward as a donation.

  • Carol Luciano

    This is au wonderful opportunity. Thanks for the giveaway chance. Good luck to everyone.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 ( at) aol (dot) com

  • Jamie S.

    The possibility of winning a library of books makes me fizzy with delight! Good luck all!

  • Suzanne McNutt

    I donate many books to the VA. I am a Veteran. I love to read.

  • Bonnie Oswald

    What a. Beautiful thought…… After sitting in the Same Day Surgery waiting room I plan to make several trips to put some current books on their shelves!

  • Misty Gee

    If I won I would donate them to my local VA Hospital. I am a daughter of veterans and I know that sitting there waiting for your appointment can be long and boring.. I would love to bring the joy of reading to the patients in or waiting of the V.A. Hospital.

  • Kathleen

    My girlfriend & I exchange books all the time, then they go the local VA
    Clinic. Always have and always will.

  • Hippiechick2

    Hog Heaven. Yep, that’s where I would be.

    Several years ago I moved and had to give up my books. It was one of the worse days in history ! Okay, not American history nor World history but it was the worse day in my history. I had been collecting books, all hardback, for over 20 years and to then hand them over to a complete stranger was heartbreaking. Would he care for them as I had? Use a feather duster and no polish on the shelves?

    All my classics, thrillers/mysteries, biographies, historical fiction, first editions, signed, all gone. And for free. I’ll never be able to replace the list library but with the win, it would be a start.

    Thank you for the chance.

  • Bry Schemer

    I would love to win this to add to my classroom library for kids that are 12 and under.

  • Holly Rozek

    I work VA Healthcare System. When i finished a book or magazine, i take them to waiting room and set them on the table. The oncology department is always appreciative for the different reading material. Same with dialysis. It’s a great way to pass the time without have to read the same magazines over and over, Once, one or two of us have read the same book, we can spend time discussing something else than our sickness.

  • Rhonda Wilson

    What a wonderful idea! I’d donate any duplicates.

  • Diana Frances

    I would donate the books to the Carson City (Nevada) Friends of the Library’s Browers Corner Book Store where I volunteer three days a week…after I read them myself first. Donations of gently used books, magazines, DVSs, CDs, VHS tapes, records,etc. are always welcomed. No book is ever thrown away, but are sent to Volunteers of America and local prisons.

  • Trina Pierce-Gibney

    Oh my goodness!! This is an incredible prize pack! I would be so happy & content for weeks & my husband would say our bank acct is thanking you lol. Yes if I were to win this it would be better than winning a car or furniture or a clothing shopping spree. Books are truly the way to my heart. I read a book a day on average…costly to be a natural speedy reader. Lol

  • Shari

    I am an elementary school teacher and with a new set of books, I would (1) share some adult good-reads with the staff; (2) distribute them in the “Little Libraries” in and around the neighborhood — ‘give one/take one;’ (3) donate to the assisted living centers; and (4) keep 1 or 2 for myself…[gotta love the look, feel and smell of a new book].

  • Kaite

    Aghhh! New Books! My recent donation of 15-20 books were given to two 16 y/o young ladies that will enjoy the entire summer of wonderful reading! They promised to pass them along to friends.

  • Muriel

    I’d love to donate my old Kindle, but I’m not sure how to keep someone from buying more books on my account without keeping me from ordering books on my new Kindle. ??? Any suggestions? I called Kindle, but the lack of not understanding(language) they don’t know what I need. Help. I do remember being so bored during chemotherapy and while I brought a book sometimes I wished I’d have another choice.

    • Muriel

      By the way on November 3rd, 2016 I’ll be 22 years CURED.

  • Karen Dobak

    Just learned of a program in Boston that takes books for donation and teaches job skills to people with intellectual disabilities through having them operate a book store. Will be passing on some books to them.

  • Carmen Van Deursen

    Entering for myself, I have cancer and treatments last so long and I have them until Feb 2017 and then blood work every week for life since I have clotting disorder from lupus. Would love a good read. Thanks for the chance!

  • Vielka Helen Princess Eboli

    I would love to be the winner of this great giveaway!!! Gook luck to everyone!!!!!

  • Judy Jacobs

    A poet friend of ours is in jail awaiting trial. There is not much for the inmates to do there, and my spouse and I have donated several boxes of reading material (books, journals, magazines). The manager expressed her gratitude, and we are told the inmates have been observed reading. In a few days all family visitation will be stopped, and even that opportunity will cease to be available for the men.

  • Lorraine Waxman

    I rip off our address from our magazines and bring them to the hospital when I go. Usually, the reading material in hospitals are at least a year old! We donated hundreds of hardcovers to the local library when we downsized.

  • Tina Geane

    This is such an awesome prize! Especially if you cherish books and reading like a lot of us do! Reading has gotten me through some very tough times in my life! Good Luck all!

  • Joelle Morrison

    I lost my library of hundreds of books in Hurricane Sandy and I’ll never be able to replace it. I’m working on finding my abslute favorites in online secondhand sites, but this would be a wonderful gift. And I will pass the books along when I finish reading them.

  • Peg Whetstone

    would be great to win–love to read to relax and escape in new adventures

  • christinehappybooklover

    This would be awesome, I’d be set for summer reading.

  • Paul G. Lankford

    I certainly understand and appreciate the suggestions about the winner’s donating the books to a good cause. But wait a minute here. I think the winner should honor the selections by reading them himself or herself FIRST and writing some really appreciative notes about parts of the books the winner found especially meaningful. Let’s honor the generosity of the bookstore owners, and let’s appreciate the efforts of the bookstore employees before we launch into where and how quickly the winner should give the books away. In the South, we call that having good manners when one receives a gift.. And for the record, my wife and I regularly donate books and magazines from our personal library to worthwhile causes. But we don’t donate gift books until we have read and discussed them together to and lent them to friends for their enjoyment. One thing we have begun to do recently is giving magazine subscriptions to clinics where whole families may be waiting a long while for one member to receive treatment. We are both retired English teachers with each of us having taught all levels for 40 years apiece, and having done my own master’s work as a state-certified reading specialist, I make certain that we provide a variety of reading materials in shorter lengths that can be enjoyed by people and children on a variety of reading levels. Thank you, Tattered Cover Book Store and Northshire Bookstore for such a marvelous idea. Someone is going to be a very lucky person who wins this amazing personal library of favorites selected by the employees of these independent bookstores.

  • page

    I would love to win this and donate it to the largest local dialysis location. Dialysis toakes a lot of time – I’m sure the patients would enjoy these books!

  • Lois Hemm

    I would love to win this package. There are 3 avid readers in the family.

  • Micielle Carter

    We have a reading room at our cancer center but a lot of the pattient going though treatment s with me didn’t know about the library so I ‘d tell them and bring in books I read and leave them in the treatment waiting area.

  • Richard Hicks

    Wow! Plenty of reading material for a long time!

  • carl


  • Julie at. Mulzer

    Who won? Congratulations to whomever you are! I’m thrilled for you! Happy Dance! ??

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