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We know many of you are thriller fans, and we love introducing you to fresh new voices in fiction long before their books hit the shelves. Antonio Hill is one of those voices. Enter for the chance to win an Advance Reader’s Copy of The Summer of Dead Toys and be among the first to read it before its June 18, 2013 release. It’s a mystery that transcends the genre and explores the secrets families keep, with a detective-hero you won’t soon forget.

The Summer of Dead Toys begins like this:

He turned off the alarm clock at the first buzz. Eight a.m. Although he’d been awake for hours a sudden heaviness overcame his limbs and he had to force himself to get out of bed and go to the shower. The stream of water cleared his sluggishness and along with it some of the effects of jet lag . . . . He dried himself vigorously and noticed with annoyance that sweat was already appearing on his brow: that was summer in Barcelona.

“Here I had to introduce Hector Salgado,” says Antonio Hill, “and I did not want to do it just with a description. I wanted to show you how his landlady, how his boss, how his colleagues, how his ex-wife, how his son, dealt with Hector Salgado. You get an idea of what he is like, but not from a narrator. He is a very bad-tempered guy, but I could not show this through just one conversation. It needed several. I think it is more visual. If you imagine it at the beginning of a TV programme it would work. Anyway, I think that the best novels I have read took a bit of effort at the beginning!”

The Summer of Dead Toys is wickedly entertaining, introducing a charismatic new detective and a masterful new voice in crime fiction.

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