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The Grift

Marina Marks has been on the grift since she was a child, forced into the psychic business by a junkie mother who was always willing to use her daughter to scam an extra buck.

But when Marina wakes up one day with the actual ability to see the future, she finds her freedom–and her life–in danger. After predicting a murder exactly as it happens, Marina becomes the sole suspect.

Now she’s desperate to clear her name–and to discover the meaning behind her visions.
“A rollicking novel, full of lies and uncontrollable fictions.”
The Los Angeles Times

“Ginsberg smoothly sketches captivatingly flawed characters.”
Entertainment Weekly

The Grift mixes mystery and romance … [and] is embellished with a host of lively misfits, a serial philanderer, a spoiled rich woman hoping to get pregnant and a gay man in unrequited love.”
The Chicago Sun-Times

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