Enter for the Chance to Win Autographed U.K. Edition of Gone Girl

RIFers were among the very first to read Gillian Flynn’s latest thriller Gone Girl, long before it hit the shelves and became an internationally bestselling phenomenon.

If you haven’t read Gone Girl, or read anything about it, we won’t spoil you. We can tell you it is the story of a marriage gone wrong – really, really wrong. And it has Gillian Flynn’s sharp wit, deeply-drawn characters, and whiplash twists and turns in the plot. Named by many to be best book of 2012.

In movie news, according to Variety: David Fincher, director of Zodiac and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, might be directing Gone Girl. The project is being produced by Reese Witherspoon, who hasn’t revealed whether or not she’ll be in the film. Gillian Flynn is writing the screenplay, so we trust it will be smart and true to the book.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (UK paperback edition)

This week’s giveaway is an autographed – yes, signed by Gillian Flynn! – copy of the U.K. paperback edition of Gone Girl. It’s a really cool all-black edition, dark and elegant just like the novel itself.

Be sure to join Gillian Flynn TODAY, Wednesday April 10th at 2 pm ET/ 11 am PT when she will be taking questions on Authors Live @ Goodreads!

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