For Fans of The Martian and All Things Science Fiction!

Bestselling author Andy Weir returns with an irresistible new near-future thriller–a heist story set on the moon.

In Andy Weir’s forthcoming (and much anticipated!) book, Artemis, he’s taking readers to the moon — and to celebrate we’re teaming up with Space Camp and Nerdist to send one lucky winner and a friend to Adult Space Camp! Can’t wait for more book info? Read the first chapter here!


Enter for a chance to win!

  • This sounds awesome! I’ve always wanted to go to space camp 🙂

  • Dck

    This is the best contest ever! I really, really, really, want it all!!! Can’t wait for the book regardless.

  • Amba

    Space camp. Closest to the moon I’ll ever get!

  • Angela Mason

    So Very Cool! Thank you so very kindly for the opportunity of a lifetime!

  • Cathleen Grey

    So very cool! Thanks for such an opportunity. I look forward to your new book 🙂

  • Anne Meisel

    Super duper paratrooper amazing!!! I watch ISS as often as possible. Have tried making contact via 2meter radio with no avail. Space Rocks!

  • Hippiechick2

    O.M.G…. I can’t believe THIS giveaway!! I’m freaking out *gasp…hyperventilating. I don’t even have to hesitate who I would take to space camp with me; my mum! Ever since I was old enough to understand words, she has talked frequently about being one of the 1st passengers on a commercial flight to another planet. She really truly wants to go. She loves space. We always watched all the launches when we lived in Miami. She now resides in Houston and was very disappointed when the program closed down. She traveled to from Houston to Florida in her 70’s to go to a launch and got bleacher seats! Going to space is not going to happen in her lifetime, which is sadly unfortunate because she’s a spry “older person”. However this would blow her mind if I took her to space camp in celebration of her 90th birthday. She would say “It’s as good as going to the moon!”

    I’d have fun, too!

  • Jazzlyn Jaramillo

    Winning this would be AMAZING!

  • Emgee Aragon

    Don’t think I’ll actually win, but sounds like loads of fun!

  • Paula PJ Tyler

    The chance of a lifetime.

  • Susi Moffitt

    My son went to Space Camp 20 years ago as a cancer patient. (With my ex-husband.) At almost 60, I’d love to see him do it again, hopefully with his sister — or me, if I can manage it! Hint, hint.

  • Shari Townsend

    Sounds like a blast

  • Pat Sonti

    As an Army vet and a college student, I would love to win this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  • Antwanette Beard

    This would be an Awesome Birthday Present for me!!!😩😍

  • Francie

    My daughter went to Space Camp 16 years ago. I’d love to see her go as an adult and bring her sister with her.

  • Laurie Lanni

    How AWESOME….I’d so LOVE this!!!!!!!
    I can’t believe it…What a Wonderful Oppertunity & Adventure!!

  • Laura Probst

    I’ve been wanting to go to Space Camp since I saw the movie “Space Camp” as a preteen – what an awesome opportunity!

  • Eric Sullivan

    I have a cousin who would die to go with me to this!!! I think this would changing his life and what he wants to do when he graduates!!

  • What an amazing experience this would be! Thanks so much for the chance!

  • Barbara Fox

    I hope this is how you enter because I’m no seeing anything else. I would probably see if I could get airfare from both coasts so my west coast trekkie friend could go with me to experience the last frontier 🙂

  • Mike Miller

    sounds great to outerspace we go…

  • ArroganceIsNotAVirtue

    This gets my beenie propellor spinning at light Speed! Although I prefer the moniker Geek vice nerd, this is the most nerdest thing I have ever wanted to do. Always envied those that got to go. This would be so cool! Heck, it would be beyond cool! 🙂

  • Tisha Mccallum

    Would love to take my kids they love science and math this would be interesting for them we don’t have lots of extra money and this would be a great reward since they keep such great grades in school very proud mom

  • Pauly D Young

    I know I would LOVE this. Beam Me Up please.

  • Jeanette Bachman Donelson

    My son went to space camp 20 years ago. I would love to go too!

  • Bill Ingram

    at 72 years of age I would LOVE to attend space camp.
    Yes Sir.

  • Deseree Hall

    I have always wanted to go to space camp….WOW that would be 1 off my bucket list…!

  • Kim Naumann

    My son would actually do this with me!

  • Frida

    I raised money to buy 120 classroom editions of The Martian and my students loved it! I’m looking forward to expanding the unit throughout the next school year. Attending adult space camp would add so much depth to their engagement. Plus, I would absolutely love it! Woohoo! What an amazing opportunity – thank you for offering it.

    • Mary

      I am a 9th grade science educator and next year I’ll be collaborating with the ela teacher to do an interdisciplinary unit with the Martian! I love the adult text. I’m so excited he’s written another novel!

  • David S. Skipper

    I am a long time space enthusiast. Recently visited the John C. Stennis Space Center and saw a rocket engine that will be going to Mars on a engine test block.

  • RTL

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  • Cris Wallace

    This would b an adventure of a lifetime!

  • Nebraska_Lady

    My husband everytime I turn around js watching the Martian. Its his all time favorite movie. It sometimes gets on my nerves because I like new movies not watching the same one over amd over and over unless its John Wayne or Purgatory but man does he love that movie.

  • Susan Lussier

    It would be awesome to win. Lets see what happens.

  • Carole Lewis

    A dream since the program began. I will be 75 in October, what a great way to celebrate.

  • foxyfifty

    cannot wait to read the book, and would really love to try space camp.

  • Paula Dolge Mullins

    What an amazing adventure this would be. I enjoy the beauty and technology that we have here on earth. How awesome would it be to learn about the vastness of outer space, not to mention how totally cool.

  • Shane Perdue

    As a teacher I have shared many space stories with my science classes. Their greatest interest; my eye witness Challenger story with the first teacher that was to go into space. All which occured when I was in fifth grade and long before the International Space Station, arriving on Mars and when Pluto was still a planet. Many many years later, imagine the excitement my students would gain knowing their crazy teacher went to space camp.

  • Maureen Moheit Blatz

    What a great education sweepstakes

  • ccd3511

    My Significant Other dreams of being one of the Mars Colonizers someday, this would be an amazing “practice” session for him!

  • Jeanne Robinette

    All I ever wanted to do as a child up into adulthood was become anything that had to do with space. I was told by a counselor that I could not go in to that field. Utah didn’t jave enough jobs to offer. Unfortunately, I believed him. I’m 60 year’s old now. I’m disabled now. At times I look into the sky and day dream of how wonderful life would have been as an astronaut or astronomer! I would give almost anything to go to Space camp!

  • Alice Benter

    My Grandson would love this, thank you for a chance to win.

  • Angel

    always wanted to be weightless

  • Carol Morrison

    Been a lifelong dream of my husband of 43 years!

  • Barbara Valcarcel

    My boyfriend loves the galaxies and all things science and math he would b thrilled at space camp me too

  • Sherri Hendrick McDaniel

    To Boldy Go!!! Pushing 60 years, would love to fulfill my space adventure for my bucket list.

  • Jeremy Lowe

    I grew up in the shadows of Cape Canaveral and distinctly remember watching launches as they arc into the void. What NASA has been able to do on relatively shoe-string budgets is amazing. Juno. Curiosity. Cassini . All amazing! Space exploration in the coming decades will be a joint effort between nations and the private sector. As an avid fan of all things space, a space camp experience would be a lifetime desire achieved.

  • Toni Smith Sauls

    I would love to go to space camp with my sister Becky !

  • Jenny Ford Penuel

    I would love to go to space camp!! It would be an experience of a lifetime and one that would certainly inspire my students as well!

  • Jake Hagelstein

    I wanted to go as a kid never got the chance so I would love to go now as a adult and take my wife or one of my buddies with me and with my 31st on Friday I hope that puts the odds ever in my favor lol

  • Cassandra Nedrow

    Space Camp was started the year I aged out of eligibility (which to this day makes me a little upset). I inherited a love of all things space related from my mom, who would make sure to watch every launch possible. What a kick would it be to take her as she is an even bigger fan of NASA than I am.

  • Erica Osborne

    wanted to do this since I was a child….then watched the movie “space camp” and thought “oh that could happen to me”…… I was such a space/nasa nerd!!

  • Leif Young

    I always remembered time is always limited somewhere when we use up too many resources… and how we must face forward never go back and fight for a better freedom for our future.

  • George Hooper

    Good luck to all contestants!

  • Jonathan Freeman

    I always wanted to go to Space camp as a kid but couldn’t save enough to money to go and even tried to become an Astronaut and jet fighter pilot but my height of 6’6 stopped me from pursuing that dream.

  • George Phillips

    What a awesome 2nd honeymoon this would be for the love of my life … Truely a experience we could share with grandchildren ( when we have some ) .. it would be a story passed down through generations

  • Stephen E Rabey

    My late father, USAF Col. D.W.Rabey, Jr. was Range Safety Officer from Gemeni 5 thru Apollo 16 at NASA and Patrick AFB, FL. I have a keen interest and unique experience with the space program.
    It had a profound impression on me.

  • Jessi Ann Schulte

    I must have watched space camp a million times as a kid. My poor toddler now has NASA printed all over his clothes. I would DIE to do this with my long suffering hubby!

  • Henry Z

    My wife and I retired from NASA Langley Research Center; so, we’d love to win this giveaway, especially the chance to attend the Adult Space Camp!

  • keepsmiling1228

    I would love to go! Still a kid at heart and love all things Sci-Fi and other worldly!!

  • Paul Wiley

    “This one time, at space camp…”

    • cindysemrau

      Oh, this made my day!

      • Paul Wiley

        Glad I could help!

    • ThaddeusQuackenbush

      Bravo, sir, bravo.

    • Kevin Kipp

      You did what with the robotic arm? Great comment you put out there.

      • Paul Wiley

        If we get to go, we are definitely robotic-arm wrestling!

        • Ltp

          So long as you didn’t pull a ‘Howard Walowitz’! 😉

    • Angela Lutman


  • Krista Dawes

    I would give anything to win this! I love everything that is NASA ! Thanks for the chance !

  • tbroadway

    I went to Space Camp in 7th Grade and LOVED it I would love to go as an Adult.

  • Elizabeth Holmes

    I’d LOVE TO WIN! Been interested in a space camp ever since seeing the movie:

    Also would love to try and find a space camp my son could attend.

  • Dawn Sherwood

    I went 25 years ago as a high schooler – now I teach Earth Science and would love to go back and get a different perspective! I even know which other teacher would kill for the chance to go with me!!!!

  • Kathi Edwards

    I would go into space in a heartbeat…my dad was literally a rocket scientist and I was raised with the space program. I’m a space geek as a result, and though I tried to go into a science career as a result, math killed that idea! My adult son and I have talked about doing adult Space Camp together…to win a trip would be AWESOME!

  • Brenda Gagnon

    Finally something awesome for adults! Can’t wait for the announcement telling me I won!! (a little positive thinking can’t hurt) LOL

  • John Thomas

    this sounds rad!….good luck dudes and dude ets

  • Derek Allen
  • Jeff Gough

    My son would love to go here, he is autistic but very high functioning and because of Dr.bills and all his medications we have never really been able to take him many places in the 27yrs we have been blessed with him and this would really make up for some of that as he is really into space and tech. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  • Pam McMahon

    This would be great! Since my father worked for NASA and worked on all the shuttles! And was with NASA since 1960

  • Diane Tompkins Usher

    I have never won anything but my husband. We would love to go! I’m the crazy science geek, but he is coming around 👍

  • MidwyfeCarrington

    Please and thank you 🌖💫🚀🌎

  • Ben Kleykamp

    WOW, my face would melt off if I was selected for adult space camp #reachforthestars

  • Marne Ernstsen Newton

    Would love to win.. I have 2 adult children who would love this.

  • Tammy

    This would be Ah-ma-zing!

  • Benjamin

    ANDY WEIR & Nerdist

  • Jaime Lynn

    Please, please! My dream was to be an astronaut – but I’m too short 😂
    So, space camp would be amazing!

    • Kevin Kipp

      I thought they desired people of smaller stature.

  • Donna Burns Imperato

    Married 33 years this November. Never had a Honeymoon…What a way to spend one. 💘

    • Tammi Reeves-knott

      Great divorce trip too! 🤣😂

  • Kate McCridhe

    Well… this would certainly be interesting if I won… I wonder if they’d take one look at this old broad and try to convince me not to…

  • CJ mom

    🙂 what a dream this would be!

  • Thomas Connolly

    This would be a trip of a lifetime!!

  • Lauren Rosenbaum

    This would be incredible! The trip of a lifetime! 😄😄❤️

  • Rebecca Riley

    We sent our names to Mars, bought stars now we want to go to space camp!

  • cgtrav

    I loved Space Camp, I did it when they first allowed adults back in the late 80’s and I’d love to do it again. Though this time I’d pass on the bunks (too short) and get a hotel room.

  • JimMcDade

    This would be so nice for our wedding anniversary.

  • FlipORican

    As a child I always wanted to go to Space Camp, but financially that was impossible….

  • nancy earnest

    Thank you for the chance to WIN!

  • Ruth Rice

    bucket list!!

  • Ashli Truchon

    we are huge nerds and this would be the perfect gift to my boyfriend. We both work 6-7 days a week and could use a vacation together – especially at space camp!!!!

  • Aimee Elizabeth

    I’ve wanted to go to space camp since I was 5, watching launches during the 80`s, pining to be an astronaut. Some dreams never die 😊

  • James Beltz

    This would be awesome to go to.

  • Colin Who

    I’ll check my calendar to see if I have any … fit this event in.

  • Larry Borland

    This is a dream I’ve had my whole life.

  • Andria Yuknavage

    Standing 4’11” and wearing clothes in the kids, not juniors, section. This Mom is a space saver, literally. Raised viewing the NASA channel back when I was younger. Began a lifetime of learning about space and what that word really means. Adult Space Camp would be an experience I can take full advantage of. Good luck to everyone.

  • Travis Lee Wilbur

    This would be a shattered childhood dream come true.

  • Amber Rose Yates

    I attended Space Camp as a gradeschooler thanks to the generosity of some wonderful people. It is a memory I cherish so deeply. My partner has heard me gush and is immensely jealous, as it was a childhood fantasy of his to go. I’d love to be able to share this experience with him!

  • Susan Eggert

    About 20 years ago I helped send my niece to Space Camp in Alabama and she had a remarkable experience which I enjoyed vicariously. I would love the opportunity to go myself, at age 63 going on 64. I can remember watching the television coverage of our first space flights and especially the Moon Walk in 1969….skipped school that day to watch!

  • Wisty Cruz

    Lord I hope I win, how cool would it be for a math teacher to win this?

  • Scott Osborne

    And Another comedian shows their colors….at least in space no one can hear you tell bad movie lines…….( see that’s how you do it)😅😅📡🎛🚀

  • jaykel

    I so wanted to go to space camp when I was a kid, but my family couldn’t afford it. I love that they have an adult version; it would be so awesome to be able to go do that.

  • Vanessa Chrisman

    I am interested in science fiction and going to Mars.

  • Katelynn Reeder

    Absolutely love following the nerdist and listing to the podcasts! As a science teacher and biologist, Andy Weir’s books are some of my favorites and have inspired some interesting science projects at my school. it would be amazing to go to space camp and bring back the experience to my students.

  • Laura

    Is it required to post something self serving

  • supermanchick

    Howard in the ER on BBT!

  • Cold_War_Relic

    This would be a blast (off) for sure!

  • James McCann III

    I have always wanted to go to Space Camp, ever since that kids movie in the 80’s!

  • Raz6702

    I would love to go to space camp. Since i will never get the chance to go into space this would have to be as close as I’m going to get.

  • Larry Thompson

    My dream of becoming an astronaut was curtailed at an early age by things beyond human control. Some dreams you never get over. My body may be Earth bound but my mind will forever live in the stars.

  • Elaine Vario

    love space especially,,,,, outer

  • Amanda Leigh Acevedo

    I love space very much I also can’t stop looking at the moon I even have a moon tattoo which saves I Love You To The Moon And Back, I would love to win it would mean the world to me to have that experience of a life time.

  • Michael Heinz

    omg pleeeaaazzzeeeee

  • Dawn Fedak

    I would like to win in memory of Dr.Forrest Bird great inventor of NASA space technology R.I.P my good friend Dr.Bird and Pamela Bird

  • Going to get the book

  • Barbara Dorsey

    If anyone has read the BOOK Forrest Gump, it is quite different than the movie. And FUNNY! Forrest gets to become an astronaut in the splash down days.