For Fans of The Martian and All Things Science Fiction!

Bestselling author Andy Weir returns with an irresistible new near-future thriller–a heist story set on the moon.

In Andy Weir’s forthcoming (and much anticipated!) book, Artemis, he’s taking readers to the moon — and to celebrate we’re teaming up with Space Camp and Nerdist to send one lucky winner and a friend to Adult Space Camp!


Enter for a chance to win!

  • This sounds awesome! I’ve always wanted to go to space camp 🙂

  • Dck

    This is the best contest ever! I really, really, really, want it all!!! Can’t wait for the book regardless.

  • Amba

    Space camp. Closest to the moon I’ll ever get!

  • Angela Mason

    So Very Cool! Thank you so very kindly for the opportunity of a lifetime!

  • Cathleen Grey

    So very cool! Thanks for such an opportunity. I look forward to your new book 🙂

  • Anne Meisel

    Super duper paratrooper amazing!!! I watch ISS as often as possible. Have tried making contact via 2meter radio with no avail. Space Rocks!

  • Hippiechick2

    O.M.G…. I can’t believe THIS giveaway!! I’m freaking out *gasp…hyperventilating. I don’t even have to hesitate who I would take to space camp with me; my mum! Ever since I was old enough to understand words, she has talked frequently about being one of the 1st passengers on a commercial flight to another planet. She really truly wants to go. She loves space. We always watched all the launches when we lived in Miami. She now resides in Houston and was very disappointed when the program closed down. She traveled to from Houston to Florida in her 70’s to go to a launch and got bleacher seats! Going to space is not going to happen in her lifetime, which is sadly unfortunate because she’s a spry “older person”. However this would blow her mind if I took her to space camp in celebration of her 90th birthday. She would say “It’s as good as going to the moon!”

    I’d have fun, too!

  • Jazzlyn Jaramillo

    Winning this would be AMAZING!

  • Emgee Aragon

    Don’t think I’ll actually win, but sounds like loads of fun!

  • Paula PJ Tyler

    The chance of a lifetime.

  • Susi Moffitt

    My son went to Space Camp 20 years ago as a cancer patient. (With my ex-husband.) At almost 60, I’d love to see him do it again, hopefully with his sister — or me, if I can manage it! Hint, hint.

  • Shari Townsend

    Sounds like a blast

  • Pat Sonti

    As an Army vet and a college student, I would love to win this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  • Antwanette Beard

    This would be an Awesome Birthday Present for me!!!😩😍

  • Francie

    My daughter went to Space Camp 16 years ago. I’d love to see her go as an adult and bring her sister with her.

  • Laurie Lanni

    How AWESOME….I’d so LOVE this!!!!!!!
    I can’t believe it…What a Wonderful Oppertunity & Adventure!!

  • Laura Probst

    I’ve been wanting to go to Space Camp since I saw the movie “Space Camp” as a preteen – what an awesome opportunity!

  • Eric Sullivan

    I have a cousin who would die to go with me to this!!! I think this would changing his life and what he wants to do when he graduates!!

  • What an amazing experience this would be! Thanks so much for the chance!

  • Barbara Fox

    I hope this is how you enter because I’m no seeing anything else. I would probably see if I could get airfare from both coasts so my west coast trekkie friend could go with me to experience the last frontier 🙂

  • Mike Miller

    sounds great to outerspace we go…

  • ArroganceIsNotAVirtue

    This gets my beenie propellor spinning at light Speed! Although I prefer the moniker Geek vice nerd, this is the most nerdest thing I have ever wanted to do. Always envied those that got to go. This would be so cool! Heck, it would be beyond cool! 🙂

  • Tisha Mccallum

    Would love to take my kids they love science and math this would be interesting for them we don’t have lots of extra money and this would be a great reward since they keep such great grades in school very proud mom

  • Pauly D Young

    I know I would LOVE this. Beam Me Up please.

  • Jeanette Bachman Donelson

    My son went to space camp 20 years ago. I would love to go too!

  • Bill Ingram

    at 72 years of age I would LOVE to attend space camp.
    Yes Sir.