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Foodie Turned Novelist: Ruth Reichl’s Debut Novel is Delicious!

"I'm what you call an 'armchair foodie.' I love reading about food, and so of course Ruth Reichl is one of my favorite writers," says Kira Walton, editor at Read It Forward.

Delicious! is full of the vivid descriptions of food and the culinary life that have made Ruth Reichl one of the most celebrated food writers ever.

If you haven’t read Ruth Reichl’s memoirs Tender at the Bone and Comfort Me with Apples, you must add them to your TBR pile! She’s such a gorgeous writer – she captures the way food connects us to history and to one another.

I’m always fascinated by non-fiction authors who try their hand at fiction. It’s such a big leap! Reichl makes it look easy. Her debut novel is charming and light – a perfect summer read.

Delicious! is the story of Billie Breslin, who moves to New York to work at Delicious!, the city’s top food magazine. The food scene seduces her, and she loves working at the magazine, so when it shuts down abruptly, she’s glad to stay on to maintain the hotline for reader complaints.

There’s a lovely twist when Billie discovers some old letters in the magazine’s library, letters written during World War II by a young girl to the famous chef James Beard. The sense of history and wonder here is delightful, and Billie is inspired. You will be, too, when you read Delicious!

Congrats to Merrie W., Ashley K., Vanessa B., Susan O., Angela H., and 45 other members of the Read It Forward community! Their entries were selected at random to win an Advance Reader’s Copy of Delicious! by Ruth Reichl.

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About the Author

RUTH REICHL is the bestselling author of Tender at the Bone and Comfort Me with Apples. She was editor in chief of Gourmet magazine for ten years. She lives in New York City with her husband, son, and two cats. Visit her online at
  • Melissa I.

    Bummer, but thank you so much for the opportunity for this “Delicious” looking book. I haven’t received “Triple Knot”, which I won when I first signed up, so I’ll probably stop trying at this point, but this was a lot of fun. I enjoy your site so much with all the questions and unique articles to be able to read and interact with others is fantastic. ~*Congratulations*~ to all the winners!! :) Thank you, RIF, Kira, Publisher and Authors for so much fun <3 ~*Happy Reading, Everyone*~

    • Kira, editor @ Read It Forward

      Thanks, Melissa, as always for your lovely comments!

      • Melissa I.

        Thank you, Kira. I’m sorry they’re always so long. Giving it another try on the latest one. It looks too good and a topic that hit my Heart hard. Always the outcast who has nowhere to fit in. Have a Beautiful day!!