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Festive Holiday Cocktail Recipe: The Iconic Manhattan

A little something different for our RIFer friends, just in time for the holiday season!

This is ‘Professor’ Jerry Thomas’ original recipe for the iconic Manhattan cocktail. Working as a bartender and saloon owner in the mid- to late-nineteenth century, Thomas was renowned for mixing drinks with great showmanship and is still considered the godfather of New York cocktail craft – or mixology.

What makes this recipe different from a traditional Manhattan is the proportion of sweet vermouth to rye whiskey, and the addition of orange flavored liqueur. These subtle variations give this cocktail a sweetness that makes it more palatable and complex. While sophisticated, this cocktail is delightfully unpretentious and can be found on the menu at Schiller’s Liquor Bar. It is a nod to New York’s golden age, an era that defined it as the greatest city in the world.

3/4 oz. Rye Whiskey
1 3/4 oz. Sweet Vermouth
1/4 oz. Grand Marnier
2 dashes Angostura bitters
lemon twist

Pour ingredients into a mixing glass.
Add ice.
Stir well with a bar spoon for 40-45 revolutions.
Strain into a chilled 5 oz. cocktail glass.
Garnish with lemon twist.

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Any mixologists out there? Leave a comment with your favorite festive drink (adult beverage or otherwise!).

About the Author

KEITH MCNALLY was born in London and moved to New York in 1975 where he worked in a series of restaurant jobs from oyster-shucker to busboy to general layabout. In 1980 he opened his first restaurant, The Odeon. Since then he has opened Cafe Luxembourg, Nell's, Lucky Strike, Pravda, Balthazar, Pastis, Schiller's, Morandi, Minetta Tavern, Pulinos's as well as Balthazar in London. He's also written and directed two feature films, End Of The Night and Far From Berlin. In 2010 he was mistakenly given the James Beard Award for Outstanding U.S. Restaurateur.
  • Vennie Martinisi

    This book sounds quite intriguing. Will need to read it for sure.

  • Rae

    8 oz hot chocolate
    1 oz peppermint schnapps
    1/2 tsp sugar
    whipped topping onto top of drink, enjoy, and yummmm!

  • HT759

    I like A Whiskey Sour or an easy Rusty Nail.

  • ceblain

    Would love to have won this book prize, so now I guess I will be ordering it. Sounds like a great book. Thank you for having this showcased on RIF,
    My favorite drink to consume and make is a pomegranate Margarita with extra salt on the rim. And a Mai Tai with extra pineapple juice; it goes down so easy and then…….. wow!!! :)

  • Stephanie S.

    I love heating up apple cider and mixing it with caramel vodka and topping it off with some whipped cream.

  • lkh

    This book could be sooo much fun!!!!!

  • Jessica Harmon

    I love the idea of Butterbeer from Harry Potter, but I’ve never been able to pull it off to my satisfaction. Mulled apple cider is my holiday standby though. Make the whole house smell amazing.