Rebecca Rasmussen’s Novel The Bird Sisters in Paperback

RIFers, you may remember our feature on Rebecca Rasmussen’s The Bird Sisters back in April. Editor Kate Kennedy, publicist Justina Batchelor, and Rebecca Rasmussen discussed The Bird Sisters, giving us a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the making of a remarkable debut novel.

RIFer Laurie W. received a Read It First copy of The Bird Sisters and loved it! She sent in this review:

“This is a great book of love, loss and family. The relationship of Twiss and Milly gives us a look into what it is like to have a sister who is always there for you. Even when you get old. I think this quote sums up the book perfectly: ‘What she didn’t understand when she [Twiss] was fourteen, but understood very well now, was that not everyone in the world could be saved or, for that matter, wanted to be.'”

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rebecca-rasmussen-author-photoREBECCA RASMUSSEN teaches creative writing and literature at Fontbonne University. Her stories have appeared in Triquarterly magazine and the Mid-American Review. She was a finalist in both Narrative magazine’s 30 Below Contest for writers under the age of thirty and in Glimmer Train’s Family Matters Contest. She lives with her husband and daughter in St. Louis. Her first novel, The Bird Sisters, has been chosen for Target’s Emerging Authors Program. The Bird Sisters will be available in paperback wherever books are sold November 22, 2011.

Visit Rebecca online at, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Rebecca is one of our favorite authors on Twitter – she’s always posting clever, fun stuff!

RIFers! Hundreds of you received a Read It First copy of The Bird Sisters. What did you think of the read? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your review in a comment below.

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