Lifetime Original Movie Based on Bestselling Secrets of Eden

Emmy-nominated actor, producer and television icon John Stamos (“Glee,” “ER”) returns to the small screen in the Lifetime Original Movie, Secrets of Eden, co-starring Anna Gunn (“Breaking Bad,” “The Practice”).

Based on Chris Bohjalian’s New York Times bestselling novel, Secrets of Eden unveils the shocking secrets and facades of happiness that reside within a small, close-knit town after a gruesome tragedy occurs.

Secrets of Eden premiered on Lifetime on February 4, 2012. Check local listings for the Lifetime website to see when it will air next. Or you can download Secrets of Eden on iTunes.

Visit the Lifetime website to learn more and be sure to check out a photo gallery from the movie Secrets of Eden.

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chris-bohjalian-author-photoCHRIS BOHJALIAN is the author of fourteen books, including the New York Times bestsellers, Secrets of Eden (now available in paperback), Skeletons at the Feast, The Double Bind, Before You Know Kindness, The Law of Similars, Midwives. and The Night Strangers.

Visit Chris online at, on Facebook and on Twitter @ChrisBohjalian.

RIFers in book groups! Here’s a cool idea for a very special discussion: read Chris Bohjalian’s bestselling novel Secrets of Eden and watch the Lifetime Original Movie Secrets of Eden and discuss them together. It’s always interesting to talk about how books are adapted for the screen. Download the reader’s guide for Chris Bohjalian’s Secrets of Eden for questions that will inspire a lively conversation!

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  • Stephanie Ziegler

    Just saw this movie on Lifetime and it was fantastic! I always say the book is better than the movie so imagine how deeper into the lives of these people the author can get into in a book that you sometimes cannot get in a movie.

  • Terri Sue

    i enjoy mystery/thrillers. this one sounds like a good one. i would like to get my hands on Secrets of Eden.

  • Sue Hamilton

    I am from a small town and love mystery’s and this book would be so enjoyable to cudde up with a great author.

  • Jeanne Laff

    have not seen movie. Love to read books first though.

  • Kathryn Newton

    I’ve read this book and seen the movie. I love everything this Vermont author has written. AND he’s a sincere and nice guy that I like to support. Read the book and then read his others.

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