Frances Mayes Shares Recipes from Every Day in Tuscany

Celebrate your book group with an all-out Tuscan feast! Frances Mayes shares recipes from Every Day in Tuscany perfect for making your meeting as warm and delicious as the Italian countryside.

“For casual winter evenings with friends,” Frances Mayes writes, “my favorite family style dinner starts with a big platter of antipasto passed around the table. I follow this with two pastas—a rich baked one and a light tagliatelli, usually with chopped arugula, cream and crumbled pancetta. For dessert, what’s cozier than a rustic pear or apple tart, with a dollop of mascarpone mixed with a little whipping cream.

The menu is an all-out feast, perfect for a celebration. These recipes are from Every Day in Tuscany. At the end of a winter meal in Tuscany, bowls of clementines and walnuts always appear at the table. When you’re peeling the pungent orange fruit, cracking walnuts, and sipping a little vin santo, you naturally want to linger in the candlelight.”

• Download the recipe for Antipasto Platter
• Download the recipe for Chicken Under a Brick
• Download the recipe for Il Falconiere Steamed Chocolate Cake

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