American Lightning

“Hugely engaging . . . has tremendous verve . . . American Lightning throws valuable new light on an episode that seems, for us today, particularly pertinent. Terrorism happened here.” —Los Angeles Times

“A fast-moving, skillfully constructed account …Blum’s style is cinematic.” —Chicago Sun-Times

“Compelling…a tense detective story.” —Seattle Times

“A thumping-good drumroll of narrative history…the cross-country manhunt reads like a great mystery novel…Blum blows the dust off a page of America’s own incendiary past and brings it to pulsating life.”—Dallas Morning News

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In this masterpiece of narrative history, acclaimed author Howard Blum evokes the original “crime of the century” and an aftermath even more dramatic than the crime itself–a seminal episode in America’s history that would spark national debate and draw into its orbit master sleuth William J. Burns, crusading lawyer Clarence Darrow, and industry-shaping filmmaker D. W. Griffith.

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