5 Reasons I Have a Love-Hate Relationship with My eBook Reader

I love my eBook reader. But I have to admit, sometimes I hate it a little too. I can take dozens of books on vacation (love), but I can't read in the bathtub (hate).

The good thing is, there will always be physical books: keep-them-forever hardcovers, gorgeous trade paperbacks, chunky mass market paperbacks, leave-them-out-where-everyone-can-see-them coffee table books.

As conflicted as I am about my eBook reader, I will continue reading on it. Of course I will. And I will continue bringing books home from the book shop and lining my shelves.

Here’s why I have a love-hate relationship with my eBook reader:

1. Dozens of books in my bag (love). This is a good thing, considering I used to have to pack a separate (very heavy) carry-on for all my books whenever I went on vacation.

2. I can’t read in the bathtub (hate). I know some people do, but I’m too much of a klutz. One slippery mistake and (splash!) my beloved eBook reader is kaput.

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3. I can look stuff up while I’m reading without leaving the couch (love). Whenever I don’t know a word or a historical figure or a place, I’m just a click away from becoming a more informed reader.

4. I can’t dog-ear my pages or write in my book (hate). I know my eBook reader has bookmark and note-taking functions, but it’s not as satisfying as turning over the page or jotting down a note in the margin.

5. My eBook reader doesn’t smell like a book (hate). I miss that smell. I love putting my nose in a freshly cracked-open hardcover and inhaling. Yes, I really do that.

RIFers! What do you love (or not love) about your eBook reader? Tell us in a comment!

About Kira Walton

Kira Walton

KIRA WALTON has been stalking books all her life as a college English teacher, bookseller, book club consultant, author, and editor.

  • MimiB

    I love having my ebook reader loaded with so many choices !! No matter what my reading mood, I can find something interesting in the moment.

    I don’t love not being able to skip forward or backwards as easily as with a paper book. Often, especially when reading non-fiction or a book with many characters, I like to refer back to pages read to double check names, places, etc. While one CAN do it with an eBook reader, it’s not easy.

    So, I love having both options. I buy books electronically and I buy books in bookstores and borrow them from the library.

    • I like both options, too Mimi! I should have put that down, too: instant gratification of buying a book with one click while sitting out on the deck!

  • I love my ebook reader because I have about 40 unread books loaded on it and can find one to suit my mood at any time. I hate my ebook reader because it always seems to need charging when I’ve got time to sit and read! I still read paper books, too.

  • I am surprised at how much I love my ereader. My commute is made quite a bit better by it, and I always have plenty to read. I hate having to keep an eye on the battery level when I really just want to read all night. But books, physical books, will always be my first and greatest love.

  • The Get Fit Mom

    I never in a million years would have thought I would have loved my eReader as much as I do. I love how you can search within the book for anything! If you read a part of the book that mentioned Florida, but you can’t remember the date the person moved there, just type in “Florida” in the search and it will pull up any lines that mention Florida. You are boung to find it.

    I miss book chach-kies. I love bookmarks- fancy and practical. I also loved eccentric novelty items, like thumb holders that hold you book open, or even a simple book light.

    • Suz

      I do love my reader when going up north and not dragging alot of books with me. I found at home, I really like the feel of a good book . I like the idea at least with my reader i don’t buy double books. I think both are great!

  • MaureenDx2

    I love it because I can download drc’s from edelweiss. Now that is heavenly if they whitelist me. Cmon random house hint hint and much love. I dont like having to do the adobe registration. pain in the keister.

  • MaureenDx2

    but then again one can overdo the whole book thing i have like 10 books to read and review ugh lol

  • beribboned

    agree but one more hate…many times I find a typo and …strange question mark between words which does not make sense as to why they are there…

  • Izzie

    Exactly!! I love my ereader for travel, but I definitely will not (can’t help?) buying actual books to stuff into my very overstuffed shelves!

  • Fouad Bouchaib


  • JudHanson

    I love my ereader in that it makes traveling much easier, since I can “carry” quite a few books on it. I also love that I was able to soup up my Nook Color with a N2A card and give it the functionality of an Android tablet. Hence, I can use the many different ereader apps that are out there.

    There are also times when I love the feel of an actual book in my hand and will never give this format up entirely.

  • Kathy France

    I never thought of getting a kindle and my husband gave me one for my birthday. I am in love! Never thought I would love it this much. I miss actual books sometimes though and still have to have some hardbacks. I love bookmarks!

  • adam

    I DO love the dictionary function on my kindle. no more having to put the book down to look up words that I don’t understand. And being able to look for new books right from my device. I DO miss the actual covers, in color and everything. I own a kindle paperwhite

  • meggers

    I was given a Nook Simple Touch…and while I love it for travel…I’m a bit annoyed that I can’t “share” books I’ve purchased! Nor does my library ( physical…county…Library) support NOOK…only Kindle. Therefore, in order to read the MANY genres of books that I enjoy, I’d be spending a FORTUNE in purchasing them! So…I use it to buy books if traveling… ( or some of the Freebies or inexpensive fluffs out there for a “quickie”)…but I continue to use my County Library….and purchase Hardcovers of my favorite authors…( Gabaldon, Evanovich, and Kenyon to name a few)

  • parledge

    Agree with you on #5–miss the smell of the books. Really like to read on my iPad w/o turning on the light if I wake up in the middle of the night. Husband appreciates it too.

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