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The Authors (Dead and Alive) at my Ideal Dinner Party

Shari LaPena, with the help of a Ouija board, brings eight of her favorite authors to the table.

By SHARI LAPENA • 5 hours ago
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Still Here author Lara Vapnyar on the struggle to have it all.

By LARA VAPNYAR • 1 week ago
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When Fiction Imitates Life

There's a fine line between memory and memoir.

By KACIE DAVIS IDOL • 2 weeks ago
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Five Authors Jenni Fagan Would Invite to a Dinner Party

The author of The Sunlight Pilgrims picks her dream dinner dates.

By Jenni Fagan • 2 weeks ago
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How Writers Mourn Their Dead Novels

William Lashner, author of The Four-Night Run, on those manuscripts stuck in the desk drawer.

By WILLIAM LASHNER • 3 weeks ago
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Lost Loves in Literature

Leigh Stein, author of Land of Enchantment, reflects on the books she turns to for comfort.

By Leigh Stein • 3 weeks ago
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On What Moves the Stars

The connection between Dante and grief.

By JOSEPH LUZZI • 1 month ago
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How to Keep Vampire Storylines Fresh

Melissa F. Olson brings Bram Stoker's bloodsuckers into the modern age.

By Melissa F. Olson • 1 month ago