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The War I Never Knew Existed

Researching her novel led Jodi McIsaac to uncover a portion of Ireland’s history she knew nothing about.

By JODI McISAAC • 2 days ago
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Homicide Detective Roy Grace’s Reading List

Crime fiction writer Peter James interviews the main character from his thriller series about the books he reads when he's off-duty.

By PETER JAMES • 1 week ago
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Reading Blind is Best

One author on why you should avoid reading the flap copy.

By Matthew FitzSimmons • 1 week ago
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Why Wacky Families Are Fun to Write

Embrace Thanksgiving with help from the author of The Survivor’s Guide to Family Happiness.

By MADDIE DAWSON • 2 weeks ago
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Courting the YA Vote

In The Wrong Side of Right, an author puts the human element back into politics.

By JENN MARIE THORNE • 1 month ago
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What Would Babe Do?

Asks Melanie Benjamin, author of The Swans of Fifth Avenue.

By Melanie Benjamin • 1 month ago
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Tunnels, Missiles, and Nuclear Panic

Author Greg Mitchell looks at literature and American culture during the Cold War.

By GREG MITCHELL • 2 months ago
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Tonight We’re Going to Eat Like it’s 1959

The author of The Longest Night cooks recipes from her novel for her family.

By ANDRIA WILLIAMS • 2 months ago