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14 books recommended by Silent Book Club members in San Francisco.

Not long ago we had a debate at Silent Book Club over the pros and cons of re-reading. My SBC co-founder, Laura, is a devoted re-reader. She revisits her favorites, like Franny and Zooey and Pride & Prejudice, on a yearly basis. I’m the opposite. I almost never go back to books I have read before, even if I desperately loved them the first time around. I’m in the “so many books, so little time” camp, so I tend to be picky.

One of the things I love about Silent Book Club is topping off my TBR list with books that are recommended by this passionate—and outspoken—community of readers. Everyone has different tastes and preferred genres, so it’s always a treat to discover books I might not gravitate towards on my own. And the list of recommendations is never-ending! Every day, SBC members all over the world share what they’re reading in our Facebook group, and members respond in droves whenever there’s a request for what to read next.

Here’s a brief peek at just some of what readers have been reading, and recommending, at our monthly meetups in San Francisco over the past year.

Featured image: Bekka Palmer

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About Guinevere de la Mare

Guinevere de la Mare

Guinevere de la Mare is a writer based in San Francisco and the founder of Silent Book Club, an international network of book lovers who host introvert happy hours in more than 40 cities. Her first book, I’d Rather be Reading, will be published by Chronicle Books in August 2017.

  • Sounds like a fun book club!

  • Alan Hope

    I once finished reading John Galsworthy’s Forsyte Saga, which is essentially a trilogy of trilogies, along with some brief intermissions along the way, and was so sad to have to leave that world behind that I flipped back to page one and started reading it all over again, and it was even better the second time around. I spent about a year reading one work, and I would happily pick it up again now. Now that was a book.

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