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Books: the New Celebrity Accessory?

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By Kira Walton

I once sat next to actor John Turturro on the Q train heading home to Brooklyn. He was intensely focused on the book he was reading. He didn’t look up at the sunset view of the Brooklyn Bridge, he barely lifted his gaze when he got off the train, still reading.

I was dying to know what book he was reading, but I couldn’t get a glimpse, and I didn’t want to disturb him to ask. For some reason, it excited me to see his famous face buried in a book.

Thing is, I’m not impressed with those “Celebrities! They’re Just Like Us!” photos. You know the ones. Angelina Jolie pushing a shopping cart at the grocery store (Totally amazing!). Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck playing with their kids at the park (Can you believe it?!). George Clooney locked out of his car (Uh oh!!).

Sarah Jessica Parker Spotted Reading Gone Girl by Gillian FlynnBut when I saw these photos of Sarah Jessica Parker carrying around Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, I was psyched. I love this book. I adore this author. I think Sarah Jessica Parker is cool and has great taste. It was surreal to see the book I have stacked high in my office in a celeb’s hand.

Makes me wonder if books could become the new celebrity accessory….

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Have you spotted a celeb – online or in “real life” – reading a book? Have you ever picked up a book based on a celebrity’s recommendation? Tell us in a comment!

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