Author Interview

Tim Tebow on his Journey from Dyslexia to Published Author

The former NFL star and ESPN analyst tells Read it Forward how he achieved success despite his learning disability.

By • 2 days ago

Walk Through Walls by Marina Abramović

Read the first chapter from the celebrated performance artist's memoir.

By Marina Abramović • 3 days ago
Monthly Favorites

RIF’s Favorite Reads of October

Helping you sort out the best from the rest published this month.

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Your Reading Life

Unwritten Memoirs

23 memoirs that haven’t been written (and totally should be).

By • 6 days ago
Author Interview

A Conversation with Regina McBride

The author of Ghost Songs discusses her memoir with editor Masie Cochran.

By REGINA MCBRIDE • 1 week ago
Author Interview

An Interview with Elizabeth Gilbert

The Eat, Pray, Love author on her love for Facebook, spontaneous applause while reading, and her manifesto on creativity, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.

By • 4 weeks ago

Earth is a Planet

Astronaut Mike Massimino on seeing "this gigantic, bright blue marble set against the blackness of space" for the first time.

By Mike Massimino • 4 weeks ago