Author Interview

An Interview with Jeff Wilser

In this lighthearted bio of Alexander Hamilton, Jeff Wilser turns the founding father's life lessons into maxims for today.

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Books that Reflect on 9/11

Fifteen years ago, the world changed. Here are 7 books that look at that defining day in history.

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Author Essay

Downsizing My Library for My Tiny House

How do you decide which books belong in your life?

By DEE WILLIAMS • 2 weeks ago
Author Essay

The Soundtrack of my Memoir

After losing her job, her girlfriend and her mother, Barbara Schoichet got her motorcycle license at age 50 and hit the road. These are the songs that spurred on her journey and informed her memoir.

By BARBARA SCHOICHET • 3 weeks ago

Literary Meals that Leap off the Page

Notable meals found in the pages of novels.

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What to Read When Mercury is in Retrograde

Grab a book and hide under the covers until the planets realign.

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Autofiction: What Really Happened?

In these 14 novels, it's a blurry line between fiction and nonfiction.

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Celebrate the National Park Service’s 100th Birthday with Wild Reads

Pack a few of these in a knapsack and go find the nearest wide, open space.

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