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6 Classic, Funny, Beautiful Bookplates

Cool Bookplate Designs
By Kira Walton

Thinking about bookplates as I wrote Why I Love Bookplates, I realized it’s time to find myself a new design.

I had fun scouring the web for some new favorites – I share them with you below. And I invite you to share your bookplates with Read It Forward!

Read It Forward Favorite Bookplates[Credits: clockwise from top right. Bookplate of Loresini Biazzi, Pratt Libraries collection, via Pinterest; Bookplate of American painter and illustrator Edward Penfield, via Pinterest; From the Brewer Collection, via Bookplate Junkie.]

Read It Forward Favorite Bookplates[Credits: clockwise from top right. Mid-century modern bookplate, via illustrator Christie Lee; Skull bookplate from Blue Ridge Bookplates, via Etsy; Bookplate from Pink Loves Brown, via StyleHive.]

Would you use any of the bookplates above? Tell us in a comment!

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  • Kate Rados Hernandez

    I had a ballerina book plate set, when I was a kid, and I think I still have it on one of my books. I’ll have to take a picture and post it!